Who Is GAM Tech?

GAM Tech began out of passion for an overlooked section in the marketplace. Most IT managed service providers are focused on enterprise-level companies. We discovered the same IT service companies were often overlooking “the little guy”. The small to mid-size businesses, with 10-100 employees.

Part of our investigation uncovered, smaller companies can be hit harder from network interruptions. It cripples their business, possibly forcing them out of business. Their need for IT service and support is just as critical as the larger companies. Problem is they have tighter budgets and may not be able to budget for enterprise-level service.

The end results? We decided to separate ourselves from the competition making it easier for small to mid-size companies to come on board. Instead of enterprise-level, we brought them VALUE and flexibility with our client tailored service plan. Simply put, “Treat them as we wish to be treated.”


Our purpose in a nutshell is to provide such a service that is focused on making the lives of our clients’ easier. There is no reason for you or your employees to be tripping over an IT support guy or forced to stop working, while the tech guy performs an antiquated process of troubleshooting at your desk.


Unlike other IT support companies, we want relationships with clients not industries. It doesn’t matter if it’s law firms, accountants, medical offices, architectural or engineering firms. All are welcomed.

That perfect relationship begins with open, two-way communication, with detailed business goals noted. The more we know from business owners, allows us to properly suggest solutions and a plan to align their infrastructure with their goals.

We work hard to earn our client’s trust. The partnerships we forge together, is so each business owner will count on us to have the correct solution, that is appropriate for their specific needs.


GAM Tech continues growing making us an anchored IT MSP in the area. The economic downturn in Calgary hasn’t affected us either. It is quite the opposite. Recently a second office in Lethbridge was opened and that location is starting to develop a solid reputation in that marketplace with clients too.

What excites us about our growth is the future continues evolving in technologies, we see and work with daily. Adding more of this experience and knowledge, puts us in a position to give our clients more. As their trusted advisors, we must bring solid workable solutions, that align with our client partner goals, resulting in efficiency within their organization and more productive employees.