Happy Friday The 13th!

Friday The 13th Blog

We aren’t superstitious at GAM Tech so if your office is having I.T. issues today don’t look for the black cat, just pick up the phone!

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Honoured By The Opportunity!

Honoured By The Opportunity! - Blog

Politics aside, it’s very rare that a business person gets the opportunity to meet a former world leader but we had the chance to do just that yesterday and wanted to share that with you. As members of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, GAM Tech was a part of a wonderful event they put on called Opportunity South.

It offered a “mix and mingle” trade show on Oct 3rd which was very well attended and introduced members like us to people from all over the city. Then on Oct. 4th we had the good fortune to sit through many feature speakers as well as fellow chamber members that had informative breakout sessions throughout the day.

This event was capped off by a speech from the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper himself and then we had the opportunity to take part in a private dinner and were able to meet, speak and obviously, be photographed with Mr. Harper.

Not quite an average Wednesday night!

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

Security: Knowing May Be More Than Half The Battle!

Security - Blog

Digital security breaches are a fact of life nowadays. It’s time to come to terms with that and figure out a way to operate our businesses in such a way to LIMIT our exposure as its most likely not something that can be altogether eliminated.

I am not trying to have a “gloom and doom” attitude or come at you with a sales pitch telling you that we can prevent attacks from happening to you and your business altogether as that is most likely not the case.

What I am trying to get across is that pretending these breaches don’t happen or won’t happen to us needs to stop. The REAL issue that we have isn’t that attacks are happening since they are all but inevitable, it’s that we only find out after the fact.

There are many causes to delays in public notification about security breaches and data being compromised but what are we supposed to do about something when we find out about it ourselves weeks/months down the road?

Vulnerability exists in the digital world at all times and when we realize there are threats only after the fact and someone else suffering immense loss or exposure of critical info, what good does that do the rest of us?  How do we protect something that may have already been compromised?

There are methods of prevention that can be utilized to minimize risk and maximize security all without adding multiple layers of complexity to simple tasks and slowing down your day to day operation.

While there may be no 100% effective solution, the trick is to know about vulnerabilities as soon as possible and work to eliminate them before they cost you data, time & most importantly, money.

Being proactive instead of reactive is a concept that can be hard to adjust to. How do we fix an issue that doesn’t exist yet? The key is to stay current on security, not run antiquated soft/hardware, using enterprise grade products/programs and staying up to date on best practices when it comes to security (password changes on a regular basis, password complexities, etc.).

Just a couple very big examples of personal and critical data being breached over the last couple years which illustrate my point can be found here:





GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

Happy 20th www.google.com!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the www.google.com domain registration. While not the official release of Google I think we still need to take a moment to think about life before they came around and thank them for changing the way we connect and learn forever!

Happy 20th google.com!

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

GAM Tech Hits Digital Newstands Everywhere!

Blog - Digital NewstandsGAM Tech is very happy to be included in STEM Learning Lab’s September Issue of Education Today Digital Magazine!

One of our blogs was added to the magazine that embraces a growth mindset and believes that every child can and should be literate in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Given their belief that “every child deserves a well-rounded, connected, and meaningful learning experience, our mission is to promote opportunities for all children to engage in high quality, inquiry-based STEM activities both inside, and outside, their classrooms” we felt like it was a great opportunity to put our name on something that will help future generations embrace technology even further and we look forward to working with STEM Learning Labs and being included in the magazine again in the future.

Check us out on page 32 at the following link: http://stemlearninglab.com/stem-education-today-magazine/

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.