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Blog - Trying To Connect Dots
When you are thinking about your business, do you ever feel like the ink runs out right before you connect the dots?

GAM Tech understands that no matter how much time you spend mapping out your business, things come up that change the plan and if you’re not ready to adjust your thinking it may be too late by the time that you make the change.

We often think about our business to the nth degree but we often forget to account for the tools that will get us where we need to go. There are all sorts of top priorities that a business can have which will depend on the market but usually include marketing, budgeting, operations among many other items.

Where does I.T. fall into this picture? While it may seem silly to prioritize your I.T. infrastructure above other things like your marketing (and we don’t necessarily suggest that), imagine yourself working and not having a computer, phone or access to your files. What could you accomplish without those things? This means that it must be considered always and especially when considering budgeting.

At GAM Tech, there is a reason that we provide proactive monitoring and that is because we don’t sit back and wait for trouble to pop up which is inevitable if things are not maintained.

Imagine if you didn’t do oil changes on your car and then wondered why you were sitting on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.

The same principles apply as we realize that to properly maintain a network and your critical business equipment/data, is a full-time job. We constantly analyze, measure and project the best approach to ensure that you know when something becomes a potential threat and not once it’s happened and force you to try and un-ring a bell.

Therefore, we tell our clients to leave I.T. to us and we make sure that your businesses goals can be achieved by working towards 100% uptime and the belief that you are not going to have to sort out why something isn’t behaving properly as we are already on it.

We connect the dots for you so you can go back to thinking about your business. Give us a call today!

Blog - GAM Tech Dots Connected

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 24th, 2017