Cybersecurity Threats to Watch Out For in 2019

As technology evolves, so too does the cyber underworld that threatens it. In 2018, we learned no business, big or small, is safe as data breaches impacted major corporations such as Amazon, Marriott, Under Armour and even Facebook. And, while 2019 has just begun, we already have a few insights into what challenges the technological landscape will face over the next 12 months.

Cybersecurity of Businesses


Here are GAM Tech’s top five predicted cybersecurity threats for 2019:

Compromised Cloud Services

Due to the fact cloud technology allows businesses more flexibility, affordability and availability, it’s easy to understand why so many have migrated to cloud services. But there is a downside – it’s another area where your business can become vulnerable to cyberattacks. A recent report from McAfee revealed that 21% of all files stored on the cloud contain sensitive data - and business threat events are increasing nearly 30% year over year. As business reliance on cloud technology is expected to increase in 2019, experts predict a related rise in compromised information, ransomware, malware and other cyber security threats.

Infecting the IoT

The Internet of Things is the network that exists between any and all devices with Internet connectivity. The IoT is all around us; from our computers and mobile phones to the GPS systems in our vehicles and ID chips tagging our pets. While the IoT has transformed the way we live and work, it also brings with it huge security challenges. Of course, with the increased use of smart devices and virtual assistants (i.e. smart apps, Alexa, Siri etc.), this is only expected to increase in 2019 as cybercriminals now have new channels to access user information.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Experts are also predicting increased risk to organization supply chains in 2019. While a business may maintain excellent cybersecurity defences and practices on their own, the same can’t be said for organizations they're associated with. For instance, the new hardware you've invested in for a computer or network may already be infected with malware (introduced when the product was made). Counterfeit computer hardware and hacker attacks on vulnerable networks in your chain (i.e. your hardware provider) are also examples of how your business can be compromised through your supply chain.

AI Attacks

As the IoT expands, so too does our reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. AI is especially beneficial for businesses as it can help automate processes, improve customer service, boost security, assist with HR and much more. But it can, of course, also be used to harm businesses as well. Aside from learning to bypass AI security applications, cybercriminals are becoming more adept at using their own AI to cause further damage to already infected devices.

Protect Your Business in 2019

Start protecting your business today by implementing a few cybersecurity best practices: 
• Keep software updated
• Use passwords and change them often 
• Train and educate your team 
• Use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt all your data
• Back up data regularly 
• Have a disaster recovery plan in place

Outsourcing your IT to a managed IT services provider like GAM Tech is also an ideal solution for businesses. More affordable than hiring an in-house IT employee managed IT services will protect your data, prevent downtime, improve your network security and much more. What’s more, a good provider can always be counted to respond to your concerns quickly – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Would you like to learn more about how GAM Tech can keep your business safe in 2019? Book a consultation to learn more!

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Posted by GAM Tech Team on Jan 15, 2019 4:10:15 PM

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