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GAM Tech takes client satisfaction seriously. We always strive to find the best solution for your issue. Time is put in up front to make sure that the implementation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are just a few examples of the work that GAM Tech has done.

Each Petland store relied heavily on the network and data center at head office for everything from point of sale to human resources. It was critical that the system work, as payments couldn’t go through if the system was down. The IT department managed to barely make it work, but troubleshooting was a daily occurrence.

GAM Tech was hired to revamp the network and data centre and we put an emphasis on redundancy and speed. New servers, storage, network hardware, virtualization and network design were involved.

Because the new system is fast and reliable, customers are now happy as a result of the reduction in downtime. The network administrator has since moved to a new company and the new system is so efficient that he hasn’t needed to be replaced.


Eagle Copters had two issues. First of all, the aging network was unable to keep up with growing business. Secondly, the company wanted to move to a VoIP phone system.

GAM Tech completed the network upgrade and provided a redesigned network schematic. These upgrades done by GAM Tech involved supplying, configuration and install of the new network hardware, including: blade switches and wireless access points, client access switches. VMware was also migrated to a new environment. Lastly, since we also specialize in phone systems, we designed, supplied, installed the new VoIP phone system and configured it to meet Eagle Copters specific needs.

As a result, these upgrades allow for improved productivity, as bottlenecks in the network were removed and Eagle Copters now has fewer IT support requests.

Eagle Copters

Calgary Stampede needed a software and hardware refresh; including virtualization, email and directory software.

GAM Tech audited the entire environment with VMware Health Check and as a result of the audit, upgraded VMware and addressed IT best practices and configuration optimization. We also upgraded Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory and supplied new servers and storage area network.

Most importantly, this has allowed for critical business applications for the multi-million dollar Calgary Stampede business to be more reliable and stable and maintenance time is reduced.

Calgary Stampede

Golden Acre struggled with outdated IT infrastructure; leading to crashing cash tills, and long waits for frustrated customers.

In our solution, we completed a top to bottom IT refresh; including design, configuration, and installation of a new network,including: desktops, POS computers, servers, storage area network. Their servers are clustered and the environment is virtualized and redundant. Their disaster recovery strategy now offers 100% business critical operations recovery in under 3 hours.  Ongoing maintenance and support is now provided by GAM Tech for the entire environment from desktops to servers.

This change has led to tills with little downtime, leading to happier customers; employees are more productive due to stable and efficient computers- giving management peace of mind about having reliable IT.

Golden Acre