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Blog Cloud EmailBlog - On Prem EmailMoving email to the cloud can be a big decision for any business. While moving to a cloud-based system has some major advantages, it’s not going to be the right system for everyone. A quick way to see if it’s right for you is to look at the major pros and cons which we have done below.

Some of the benefits of moving email to the cloud include the following:

  • Installing, managing, patching, and upgrading of software systems is handled for you.
  • Fixed and predictable costs.
  • Low monthly per user fee guarantees latest software versions and security settings without any additional work on your end.
  • Reduced cost by eliminating equipment and by increasing efficiency and resource reallocation benefits.
  • Automatic backing up and securing your data.
  • Working from anywhere that you have an internet connection.
  • Easy collaboration for teams/groups to work on the same file with real-time changes being viewed. This is especially helpful for companies with remote employees, multiple locations and companies with employees who travel often.
  • A variety of licensing options gives you the flexibility of licensing rights to On Premise deployments (if preferred). This makes it possible to store extremely sensitive data or user portals on site. For example, you may want your executive, accounting, and human resources portals on site but the rest of your data in the cloud. Microsoft allows for a hybrid configuration to fit your needs and boost your comfort level.

If Office 365 is the right fit for your company GAM Tech will provide one year of Business Essentials licensing for your company FREE OF CHARGE if you sign a managed service agreement with us. For a company with 25 users, that amounts to over $1800 in savings over that first year just for letting us make your life easier by managing your I.T. infrastructure.

Some of the cons that come along with adopting a cloud solution in general include the following:
  • Relying on network and bandwidth. No internet may mean no access.
  • Not controlling your own data. Your data is hosted in someone else’s data center. That can be both a benefit and a detriment. If you feel uncomfortable with your data out there somewhere, then you can either research the data centers further or keep your data and applications locally in your own controlled data center.
  • Data centers may not be located in Canada which may not be acceptable depending on your business and any regulations you may have to follow.

Give GAM Tech a call today to go over this and any other questions that you may have related to your I.T. needs.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on February 15th, 2017