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Blog- Computers Have 99 Problems
Don’t take it personally though as we are all to blame as computer users.

Let’s think about relationships for a moment and not necessarily romantic ones. Think about someone who you tell all your personal information to and would consider a “bestie”. If that same someone only contacted you when something was needed, would they maintain that status?

Why is it then that we do the same to the devices that without which, we simply couldn’t function? We rarely think in a positive manner about what our computers and technology as a whole do for us and where we would be without it?

Maybe some of us barely remember a workplace that is dominated by technology but if that is the case go back and talk to someone in your office from the previous generation or maybe your parents about what things used to be like to gain a bit of perspective.

Remember Encyclopedia Britannica? The hard copy?

Imagine if that was the only way we could find out about things (other than from the lost art of communicating directly with others, of course) and we didn’t have Google or Youtube to rely on for immediate answers. It used to take us so much longer to accomplish the same thing and yet we are still not satisfied.

Now just to be clear, I am not suggesting that we need to go back in time as I am just as happy as anyone that we have progressed to where we have. I am however thinking it’s time that we realized that we have taken our computers for granted and don’t always show them the respect that they deserve.

That is where a managed IT service plan like ours comes in that listens to the problems that your computer is having and fixes them before they get in your way and restores the relationship between computer and user. This way, you get the benefits of the efficiency and instant results provided by your equipment as well as removing all the issues that make you think your computer is holding you back as opposed to enabling you and your business to succeed.

Take a moment now to show your computer that you do care and give GAM Tech a call to set up a plan for you!

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 28th, 2017