Contact our Kamloops office:

GAM Tech in Kamloops

Address: 1390 Hillside Dr Suite #3

Kamloops, BC V2E 0A6

Local: (250) 571-1443

Toll-free: 1.833.GAM.TECH

You can find our Kamloops location on Hillside Drive, in the retail area near the Aberdeen Mall. Travelling on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway), exit on Hillside Way - Merrit via 5A exit (Exit 368) and head North onto Hillside Way. Once you reach Hillside Drive, go West and look for Josto Computers on the North side of the road. Our team inside Josto will be ready to help you!

This office also serves many of Kamloops' surrounding communities:



Salmon Arm





Cache Creek




There are several reasons why you might want to contact a local provider:

Convenience: Local providers are usually located in the same area as you, which means you won't have to travel far to access their services.
Personalized service: Local providers are often small businesses that are more focused on providing personalized service to their clients. This means you may be able to get more individual attention and have a more personalized experience.
Support for the local community: By using a local provider, you can help support the local economy and contribute to the well-being of your community.
Knowledge of the local area: Local providers may have more knowledge about the specific needs and challenges of the community in which they operate, which can be beneficial if you are looking for services that are tailored to your specific needs.
Overall, using a local provider can be a great way to access high-quality services while also supporting your community.

Here's a sample of the services we offer:


Managed IT Services

Day-to-day support for your technology to keep your business running smoothly.
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IT Consulting

Build an IT plan and budget focused on your business goals. We'll do it together.
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Cloud Solutions

Save money with secure cloud services so you can access your most important data, anywhere.
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Network Security

Keep malicious software out. Protect your data from cyber attacks and unauthorized access.
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Managed Print Services

Control the print devices that cost you the most. Reduce waste, and keep sensitive information secure.
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