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Blog - Five Stages Of BuyingI was reading an article recently ( ) where they talked about the concept referred to as the “Marketing Funnel” as it related to email marketing. I have decided to take those same five steps and break them down as they align with how GAM Tech provides our managed I.T. service.

Awareness – By being active in social media, educational documents and having a presence around the City of Calgary and beyond through events, etc. GAM Tech is building a reputation in and out of the industry for being at the top of the list in terms of knowledge, efficiency and most importantly, the level of service that we provide to our clients.

Consideration –  When prospective customers compare us to competitors, they quickly realize that they are not comparing apples to apples and that makes the conversion stage much easier.

Conversion – Conversion is typically the art form portion of sales. There is a reason that GAM Tech refers to staff as “Business Development” and not sales and that is because we don’t want to be confused for the type of sales people that have figured out the “too good to be true” pitch that you can’t say no to and then don’t worry about whether they can deliver or not. GAM Tech looks for long term partnerships and hence the title change which is more than semantics for us.

Loyalty – We have a 6 month contract to allow for the proper on-boarding and implementation of our practices and after that we go month to month as we realize that the contract will be the furthest thing from our clients minds at that point as they have realized what I.T. support and service could and should be so they won’t be looking to make a change.

Advocacy – The final of the five stages is perhaps the most important one of all. We don’t have a referral plan in place as we believe that there shouldn’t need to be an incentive for our clients to recommend us if we are doing our job properly. Referrals should be something organic and not solicited and that is the way it has been for GAM Tech.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 14th, 2017