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If you are tired of searching through a growing list of Calgary & Lethbridge IT companies, stop the search and give GAM Tech a call as we do things differently and you WILL notice.

Everyone says the same things “we are the best”, “our service is unlike any other”, “we have the most experienced techs”, and on, and on, and on.

GAM Tech could tell you all of those things but we would rather let our service speak for itself. A few of the things that set us apart are:

5 Minute Response Time

You shouldn’t have to wait on I.T. so GAM Tech doesn’t make you! We will respond to service calls/emails within 5 minutes of receiving the call/voicemail/email to ensure you that we are working on your issue and give you peace of mind.

5 Minute Response Time
Unlimited Support

When you partner with GAM Tech, you know what your fees will be. It’s a scalable, fixed monthly plan that stays the same unless your companies’ device count changes. This means that should we not be able to resolve an issue remotely, you won’t get a bill for a site visit as that’s included in our plan. This leads to open communication and resolution of issues as they arise and not simply living with them until we are on site.

Guaranteed Service

We stand behind our work and guarantee it will be performed right the first time so you don’t have to worry about repeat visits or calls to deal with the same issue over and over.

Easy Opt Out
Easy Opt Out

Our initial 6 month contract allows for us to implement our service plan and detail everything related to the network infrastructure. Beyond this point, we know that the agreement will be the furthest thing from your mind and so it automatically renews. We stand behind our service and only require a month’s notice if you should decide to terminate the contract for any reason.
No additional fee or buy out penalty required.

You Own Your Equipment

Other companies like to tell you that their agreements are easy to terminate should you decide to and then you find out that they do that because they hold you hostage by retaining ownership of the equipment they put in place meaning that you can’t make a decision to move to a better service without a substantial upfront financial commitment. As mentioned above, we don’t lock you into an airtight contract of have “gotcha” clauses in our contracts as we let our service stand on its own.

You Own Your Equipment
Leave I.T. To Us!

This statement is more than just our tagline. We are trusted by our customers to deal with everything that is related to their network. We base our services and suggestions around your business and you can trust our advice as we have been doing this for years and have very well established relationships with vendors and distribution partners and those connections ultimately benefit YOU the most. We learn your business and know what your goals are and make sure that we work to assist you in achieving them and not hindering the process along the way.

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

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