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Blog - GAM Tech, Your I.T. Ninjas!
When things go wrong related to your I.T. it is very disruptive and even prohibitive. A lot of times, it even seems to know the worst possible time and decides to act up right then.

When you have timelines, GAM Tech knows that you can’t simply wait until it’s convenient for someone else and have your schedule completely disregarded in the meantime. This is why we don’t schedule weekly visits that allow for issues to pile up and the main driving force behind our guaranteed 5 minute response time (Mon-Fri 8-5). We do as much of the work as possible remotely so that we don’t get in your way and we are in and out like ninjas and you typically only know we were there because your issue has been fixed.

Many times, we are even more stealthy and you don’t even realize that a problem was about to happen and we knew about it and fixed it before that time so you can just keep working.  The way we know of these issues or potential issues is to proactively monitor your equipment and network and we get a heads up if something looks a bit off.

GAM Tech has been around long enough to know that the old model of break/fix doesn’t translate into today’s world of business. This is why we constantly adapt our service to fit your business and ensure that you don’t spend time frustrated with your I.T. or your service provider as we only exist to help you and if we aren’t doing that, what’s the point?

Give us a call today to discuss the issues that you are having with our team of I.T. ninjas and let us come up with a solution to them all. You will understand why our client base is growing and our competition is starting to notice what we are doing and trying to figure out how we do it.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on April 11th, 2017