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Now that I have your attention, GAM Tech is NOT a car dealership.

Blog - Lenovo Maserati of LaptopsLaptop Magazine recently reviewed the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and deemed it “the Maserati of laptops!” Full article is at the following link:

As you now know (I am assuming you read the article) the X1 Carbon has all of the latest features and is more than capable of performing at the speed of your business.

What that article doesn’t tell you is that GAM Tech is your one-stop Lenovo shop in Calgary as we are partnered with Lenovo to supply and repair their business grade products. This means that you can count on our knowledge of the products as well as our experience to tell you that these products meet the needs of your business or we wouldn’t stand behind them.

If you want to put the equipment to the test, we also have access to demo kits that others don’t and can make arrangements to have the it at your site for you to test out the products themselves. This will also give you the opportunity to confirm that the X1 Carbon is the right fit for you or maybe it’s another one of their well-rounded offering.

This is the type of service that we deliver year-round and that our clients have come to expect from us. We want you to know that we aren’t just telling you want we think you want to hear but we stand behind what we say and have no issues proving it to you.

Give GAM Tech a call today to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and what we can do to address them for you. After a quick meeting with us, we know you will be sold on us as well as the products we offer.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on April 20th, 2017