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Blog - High Quality, Fast, Affordable Typical Triangle
The way that IT services are typically provided resembles the above diagram which is the standard project management triangle. You may have heard the expression “there are high quality, fast and affordable. Which two do you want?” which is a verbal representation of this idea. At GAM Tech we believe that having a budget and wanting things done at the speed of business shouldn’t result in inferior levels of support.  GAM Tech has found a way to connect the three concepts and provide an all-in-one solution to managed services. We do this in the following ways:

High Quality –

GAM Tech provides the same level of service regardless of whether a company has 3 or 4 employees or 300 – 400.

During the initial 6-month contract, we perform a complete audit of the IT infrastructure and compile a site-specific documentation package detailing everything related to IT including equipment serial numbers, warranty expiration dates, domain expiration dates, user rights and much more that resides on your site and ours so that you have all the information required should a decision need to be made.

GAM Tech meets with whomever is responsible for the IT infrastructure within your company on a quarterly basis to ensure that the service plan is what both sides are seeing the benefits of the full-time maintenance. Give us a call today to discuss our service offering and how it will change the way you do business.

Fast –

5 minute response time to service calls/emails Monday-Friday between 8am & 5pm.

On-call around the clock.

Proactive monitoring that alerts GAM Tech of potential issues prior to them becoming “show stoppers” that affect your ability to function as a business.

Affordable –

Fixed monthly pricing.

Scalable, per device (desk/laptops, servers, switches, firewalls, etc.) pricing that can change with your business on a month to month basis.

No surprise charges as unlimited support of the equipment covered under the plan (including site visits as required).

Blog - High Quality, Fast, Affordable GAM Tech Triangle

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 07th, 2017