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Honoured By The Opportunity - BlogPolitics aside, it’s very rare that a business person gets the opportunity to meet a former world leader but we had the chance to do just that yesterday and wanted to share that with you. As members of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, GAM Tech was a part of a wonderful event they put on called Opportunity South.

It offered a “mix and mingle” trade show on Oct 3rd which was very well attended and introduced members like us to people from all over the city. Then on Oct. 4th we had the good fortune to sit through many feature speakers as well as fellow chamber members that had informative breakout sessions throughout the day.

This event was capped off by a speech from the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper himself and then we had the opportunity to take part in a private dinner and were able to meet, speak and obviously, be photographed with Mr. Harper.

Not quite an average Wednesday night!

Published By: Adrian Ghira on October 05th, 2017