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Blog - What Is An I.T. Professional?
Often times nowadays job titles or certification acronyms are thrown around loosely in an attempt to inflate one’s customer facing identity and reputation and appear to be a professional. The reality of the situation is that everyone likes to feel important. Having an impressive title on a card or your email signature, etc. is one way to do just that.

This typically results in skill being commoditized, which should not be the case. It’s forgotten that some people actually work hard to gain certifications (not just pass a test) and keep current or ahead of the industry of their choosing. No two things are created equal and no matter how hard we try to disguise that fact, it’s the way it is and that won’t change.

As a service provider, the hardest thing to do is stand out. Everyone represents themselves as a more capable version of another offering or selling themselves as the wild card that no other company has and therefore alliances should be made based solely on that. Truthfully, the only way to prove you are different is to prove you are different. Simple right? “Sign here and I will show you I’m different!”.

The unfortunate part is that unlike an infomercial where you get a 30 day “no-risk” trial, service isn’t provided with that same offering and you often get taken down the wrong road too far and so quickly that you don’t realize it until it’s too late.  You can’t put a screen door on the bottom of an I.T. service and paddle down the river, can you?

Too many times capabilities are misrepresented and history is inflated to make it seem as though we can do everything and anything. I have taken many electronic devices apart and they still work once I reassemble them so I must be a registered repair technician, right?

I have seen cables and walls in buildings and understand how they get from one place to another so I must fully understand the intricacies of running cables and ensuring building codes are met or exceeded, right?

We know that these examples aren’t true so why is it then, that we decide to allow ourselves to fall into the trap of someone knowing a little bit about a little bit and unfortunately finding out the hard way that what they don’t know is how to tell when they are in over their heads?

A true professional knows that the key to any good service is to be open and honest and communicate with the customer. It’s not reasonable to assume that a provider has every certification specific to each industry but it is reasonable to assume that they won’t pretend they do. A true professional knows that no one has all the info but they do know where to find what they don’t have and a hint is that it’s not your favourite search engine.

GAM Tech provides expert advice and services that only someone in the I.T. industry can provide and if we don’t have the answer, we will tell you that and utilize our trusted network of partners to provide the information that you need to make a truly educated decision.

Give our customers a call to see what an I.T. professional can do for your company and then give us a call to put us to work for you!

Published By: Adrian Ghira on May 25th, 2017