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Blog - Hardware As A ServiceAs mentioned in our previous blog GAM Tech typically provides the highest level of service as a standard and tries not to confuse customers with acronyms when describing our services.  The issue is that sometimes, that is simply the best way to describe our newest hardware related offering that supplements our typical managed I.T. service.

We have been hearing more and more people telling us that they are concerned with overhead expenses related to ramping up staff as the economy is showing signs of life again.

While we could have just scratched our heads, and ignored the gap in service, we decided to do what we always do for our clients which is to come up with a solution to the problem.

It’s not always clear if you will be turning a position into a long-term role when economies pick up from a downturn like we have been going through for the past couple years. This means that you may not have the budget or if you do somehow have some money tucked away, I.T. related purchases may not be the most prudent way of spending it.

This is not to say that I.T. is less critical to businesses but simply that one must way CAPEX vs. OPEX a little more carefully.

Our Hardware as a Service plan offers you cutting edge computers (desktop w/ monitor or laptop) loaded with Windows 10 and ready to do business within a day of being contacted.

We offer 3 choices in each arrangement with varied specs to ensure that you get a device that is more than capable of handling your business requirements and the plans start at just $60/month.

Tough to find the best part of the Hardware as a Service plan as there are many highlights but if you ask me, it’s that there is no long-term commitment and you can simply give us 60 days’ notice and return the equipment NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Worried about damaged fees? No risk there as there is accidental damage protection included in the price.

Worried about your data being safe? No risk there either as we wipe the devices completely at the time of return.

If that wasn’t enough to intrigue you, our full-time support can also be provided for these devices should you need them for an additional fee so you will have no more concerns.

Give us a call today to go over this plan in more detail and to see what else we can do to make your life easier.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 16th, 2017