What Could IT Downtime Be Costing Your Business?

Network failures and equipment issues within your organization can cause serious inefficiencies and lack of productivity amongst your staff. This leads to a serious loss of revenue for you. Find out what your latest (or a potential) downtime incident cost you by inputting your data into the downtime calculator below:

Annual Revenue of Your Company:

Number of Employees:

Hours System was Down:

In 2017, British Airways experienced a huge systems failure over a holiday weekend which resulted in more than 75,000 passengers having their flights cancelled. What was the cost of this downtime? Around $68 million in reimbursement costs and a 2.8% stock price drop for their parent company IAG.

Of course, you’re small to medium business isn’t an airline, and you won’t be facing a $68 million loss if your IT systems go down for one day. But – you will still incur lost revenue, and that will have a negative impact on your business. 

By calculating your business’ potential downtime cost, you will be able to see where changes to your IT program (such as investing in Managed IT Services) are necessary. Use the calculation form at the top of this page to find out what IT downtime might be costing your business.

A Solution for Avoiding Downtime

Managed IT Services are the best solution for avoiding IT downtime and the costs associated with it. A dedicated IT provider can help ensure that you have the best equipment and processes in place to stop the kind of issues that can lead to IT downtime in the first place. Plus, if your equipment does go down, an IT provider with a fast guaranteed response time can ensure that you lose the least possible time and budget to the incident.  

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