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If You’re Looking For An IT Company In Calgary, Lethbridge or The Surrounding Areas, That Will Listen To You. Look No Further—You Found GAM Tech.

Information technology is key to the success of your business. When your IT company fails to provide the services you require, every aspect of your business suffers. Using the wrong IT company with poor solutions will negatively impact your business’s productivity, client relationships, profits and your reputation.

We Listened and Here’s Why Three Calgary and Lethbridge Companies Switched Over To GAM Tech.


All Petland stores relied heavily on the network and data centre, at the head office, from point of sale to human resources. It was critical that the system work, as payments couldn’t go through if the system was down. The IT department struggled and barely could make it work, not to mention, troubleshooting was a daily occurrence. A big headache.

GAM Tech was hired to revamp the network and data centre. We assessed and determined, there needed to be an emphasis on redundancy and speed. New servers, storage, network hardware, virtualization and network design were involved.

Results: The new system is fast and reliable, customers are now happy as a result of the reduction in downtime. Even though the network administrator moved to a new company, the new system we put in, is so efficient, an administrator replacement wasn’t necessary.

Golden Acre

Golden Acre struggled with outdated IT infrastructure; leading to crashing cash tills, and long waits for frustrated customers.

With our solution, we completed a top to bottom IT refresh; including design, configuration, and installation of a new network, including: desktops, POS computers, servers, storage area network.

Results: This change has led to tills with little downtime, leading to happier customers; employees are more productive due to stable and efficient computers – giving management peace of mind about having IT that works.

Eagle Copters

Eagle Copters had two issues. First of all, the aging network was unable to keep up with growing business. Secondly,  the company wanted to move to a VoIP phone system.

GAM Tech completed the network upgrade and provided a redesigned network schematic. These upgrades involved supplying, configuration and install of the new network hardware, including: blade switches and wireless access points, client access switches.

VMware was also migrated to a new environment. Lastly, since we also specialize in phone systems, we designed, supplied, installed the new VoIP phone system, and configured it to meet Eagle Copters specific needs.

Results: These upgrades allow for improved productivity, as bottlenecks in the network were removed and Eagle Copters now has fewer IT support requests.

The three examples above, from our clients, shows you how each benefited, because we listened to them.

Unlike before, they now experience:

  • Increased efficiencies with fewer IT failures,
  • Greater employee productivity,
  • Huge savings on IT costs,
  • Increased profitability, and most of all,
  • Happier customers.

When You Switch Over:

  • Your certified team of professionals, and proactive managed services prevent problems that cause network failures.
  • Your regular maintenance and real-time 24/7 support and monitoring ensure the stability of your IT assets, and keep your business functioning, even when disasters occur.
  • Your cyber security is ensured with best-in-class anti-spam/anti-spyware/ anti-malware solutions, along with commercial-grade firewalls, and essential security updates. We’ll remove vulnerabilities in your IT system that hackers can exploit and protect your valuable data.
  • Rather than providing a “one-size-fits-all” solution, we sit down with you to develop an Flexible Technology Plan that incorporates state-of-the-art technology—One that meets your short-and long-term goals.

If your business is located in or around Calgary, Lethbridge or cities and towns in between, you’re in luck. We’re nearby and can provide the 24/7 support, and the reliable and secure IT solutions to ensure your business succeeds.

GAM Tech, Calgary and Lethbridge’s IT service support team says: Leave I.T. to Us!™