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No One Is Immune! - BlogNow that I have your attention, I am not referring to an outbreak of any kind or giving you a reminder about flu shots!

What I am referring to is that similar to ransomware and other hacking threats, even big guys with large budgets are not immune to I.T. outages. The key is to have as much redundancy in place as possible (especially when dealing with critical applications) and a disaster recovery plan in place to act on when something like this does happen.

You can see in the following story: that there are repercussions that can affect an organization and its clients and we need to be aware of this. Not all things can be predicted and not all budgets allow for absolute redundancy but we also can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this couldn’t happen to you in your business. The fact that we share these stories is not meant as a scare tactic but simply to raise awareness that these things happen and we often think it’s not going to happen to us despite having no reason to justify the optimistic outlook.

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Published By: Adrian Ghira on October 30th, 2017