GAM Tech in the community

Paying it forward is something that GAM Tech doesn’t just preach, they live by. We know the strains that non-profit organizations face with limited resources and tight budgets, we'll ensure that you get the most out your IT services.  

GAM Tech has supported various nonprofits such as The Doorway, Hellenic Society of Calgary, and Making Changes.

The Doorway  has a passion and focus for helping young people who live on the streets of Calgary. Through The Doorway, these young adults can utilize their strengths and plan a path to exit street life. The Doorway has had consistent success since 1988, with 70% of their participants achieving personal goals, and leaving the street environment. The Doorway has specifically designed software to aid the participant in their exit of street life. This software is a 24-month commitment with 200 steps that focus on 13 life categories. Each step empowers the participant with priorities and choices that build the long lasting change.

Hellenic Society of Calgary was established in the 1970s and works to maintain and represent the specific Hellenic culture. Hellenic Society of Calgary is accredited with hosting a vast variety of organizations for youth, adults, and seniors. They are also celebrated for their Hellenic Language School and the annual Greek Festival.

Hellenic Society of Calgary’s Language School offers language courses for all ages from children to adult, for Beginner Greek and Intermediate Greek.

Making Changes  helps women to knock down the barriers to success, by creating an amazing 7-second-first-impression. Making Changes accomplishes this through providing educational success, meaningful work, promoting change, optimism, women helping women, ethical practices, and respect. One of the incredible tools that they offer is their program for Women in Technology.

Making Changes’ Women in Technology program is a 24- week program that includes employment and life skills, technical training, as well as work experience. By providing these women with clear goals, stable living environment, and arrangements for childcare, this program changes lives. This provides the women participants with the skills needed to not only make it into the business world but also to be a successful part of it.

Each of these programs and organizations are making a difference and GAM Tech is happy to be a part of it.

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