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On Premise

Although the cloud is increasingly appropriate for many solutions and situations, it’s definitely not “one-solution fits all”

On Premise Information
Unbiased Information

GAM Tech has been in business for nearly 10 years, long before the modern cloud. Our pedigree can be traced back to on-premise network design and implementation, server and desktop solutions, all of which we still excel at today. This experience allows us to find the best solution for your business and not to suggest the latest trend simply because it’s what others are doing.

Protecting Investments

There are several instances in which an on-premise solution is more appropriate. We understand that before the cloud was an option, you have invested in equipment and infrastructure and that shouldn’t be discarded without proper planning.

On Premise - Protecting Investments
On Premise - Financing
Financing Methodologies

Sometimes CAPEX is preferred over mounting OPEX. You purchase and own your on-premise solutions, which are subject to different accounting and tax strategies.


Legacy system and line-of-business application support—not every application will work in the cloud; in fact many WILL NOT. In this case, it’s vital to have the flexibility of your own hardware and software.

On Premise - Flexibility
On Premise - Regulatory
Regulatory Compliance / Risk Management

Highly sensitive data is typically considered better off in a more controlled environment and an on-premise solution that you own and control provides just that.

Often Overlooked

A couple items that are forgotten at times is that everything that can be done in the cloud can be done on-premise; however, the opposite is not true and also that hosting your solution off-site in GAM Tech’s data centre still qualifies as on-premise because you own and control everything.

On Premise - Overlooked

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

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