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Blog - Ransomware Part 5While hackers may not look like the guy in the image here, they are essentially the same. The threats keep coming and with every fix, there’s a new work around for a hacker to inflict damage on your network and ultimately, your livelihood!

The days of saying “it won’t happen to me” must be put officially in the rearview and threats are popping up on a regular basis and affecting organizations large and small alike.

We all know that nothing is truly perfect but there are steps that a business can take to help secure their data and prepare for such attacks as they are all but officially inevitable nowadays.

The latest attack is currently made its way around the world and It has affected banks, transportation, gas stations and even Chernobyl nuclear plant has had issues with Windows based sensors.

The not so funny part about this attack is that it appears to be exploiting some of the same weaknesses that Wannacry exposed. The thing is that a lot of people decided not to deal with that completely to avoid downtime on critical systems.

It’s also worth noting that in many cases paying the ransom doesn’t result in retrieving files either. Clearly it is a “no honour among thieves” scenario nowadays.

Below are a couple articles that only begin to tell the story about the attacks as they were happening and a follow up from a week after the attacks describing a bit of the fallout and what to do going forward.

Give GAM Tech a call if you aren’t sure if you are protected as this is not something that you want to learn the hard way.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on July 07th, 2017