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Blog - Ransomware Part 6
Details aren’t fully released as it’s not necessarily something that people want known but apparently, the largest ransomware payment in Canada to date was made just a few days ago. $425,000 was paid because both critical files and the backups of those files were all encrypted and this left the company with no choice but to pay.

There was also a South Korean based company that paid the equivalent of $1,000,000 USD last month which is the largest payment made worldwide to date.

What is clear is that businesses need to make the likelihood of being targeted a reality and have a plan in place. Off site backups are clearly a key as hackers have now figured out more advanced forms of attacking your business and its critical files and even if you have $425,000 in disposable cash laying around, you could probably come up with a better way to spend it.

The following article provides more insight into this ransomware attack and as you will see, hackers aren’t going to become honest workers if they can continue to make money the easy way.

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Published By: Adrian Ghira on July 18th, 2017