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Fine Print - BlogWe have all done this before, look at a stack of papers written using legal jargon that no one really understands (which is of course the intention) and then flip to the last page and sign.

Most times this amounts to nothing as the terms of the contract are straight forward and the service being provided is up to your expectations. But what if it’s not?

What happens when the service provider is doing what was said in the agreement but it turns out you had other ideas about the level of service or ownership of goods, etc.?

What do you do if you review the contract and find issues in the fine print?

What matters most as a customer is that you feel like you get what you are paying for. Sometimes we get complacent and don’t read the fine print or we take things out of context and that can lead to a strain in the relationship between customer and service provider.

While no person or business is perfect, at GAM Tech we strive to deliver the highest quality service possible at all times and be transparent in the process.

Our contract is a 6 month, easy opt-out agreement that renews monthly after the initial term. It’s straight forward and has not tricky fine print to add confusion. After the initial 6 months, there is no penalty fee should you decide to go another direction and all we require is one months’ notice. We are confident in our service and are sure you will see the benefits which will keep you from exercising this option but we don’t make it difficult on you if your situation changes and it’s what is best for your business.

One of the other things that you will want to keep in mind is that we simply maintain and manage your I.T. infrastructure but everything is in your company’s name including domain(s), equipment, service provider contracts, etc. We simply work for you and provide the tools to make your life as easy as possible.

This type of occurrence happens more than you think and is something that no one wants to see. It’s a reminder that we as businesses can’t take any arrangement for granted and should always make sure that our providers work for us and not the other way around.

Give GAM Tech a call today to see how easy we make it to work with us!

Published By: Adrian Ghira on February 23rd, 2017