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The below formula is only meant to be used as a guideline to assist in putting a value to time within your organization. It may not include all of the factors that apply to your business but will start you down the path of considering the cost to your business when there is a network failure or equipment issues that cause inefficiencies and lack of productivity within your staff.

Feel free to input your own data to properly calculate what an hour of downtime costs you.
  • What is your annual revenue?

    $0 $5,000,000
  • How many employees do you have?

    0 500
  • What is number of employee hours worked?

    0 2,000
  • What is the average revenue per employee, per hour?

    $0 $5,000
  • What are the total hours your system is down ?

    0 168
  • What is the percentage of employees affected?

    0% 100%

Calculate Your Recovery Cost

  • $

    Annual Revenue Cost

  • $

    Average Employee Overhead Cost


    Estimated Downtime

  • 45

    Employees Affected



That equals $ for every day you can't work or % of your annual revenue lost per day Call GAM Tech today to make sure your business is always running!