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Service as a Service, The New SaaS! BlogDo you ever think about marketing buzz words when trying to grow your business?

Do you recall the “Gluten Free Oil Change” or “Gluten Free Haircuts”?

What is the RIGHT way to get attention when targeting your ideal customers?

In the I.T. business everything revolves around campaigns or offerings including the “aaS” used to denote as a service. SaaS typically refers to software as a service for example, PaaS means platform as a service, HaaS is hardware as a service and there is even an XaaS which refers to everything as a service.

While GAM Tech does agree with using terms like this which potential (and existing) clients recognize, we feel like it sometimes just adds mud to the water and makes it hard to distinguish one service from another.

Everyone is unique and so is their business, so it’s nearly impossible to properly insert one’s self into another’s shoes to think like a customer and be relevant.

That is why we have an extensive and ever-evolving service offering that stays ahead of the curve. We focus on getting to know our clients and the issues that they face and work to resolve each and every one of them.

The way that we see it at GAM Tech is that we are a service provider for you and our clientele define what services we need to offer and as such new acronyms keep getting added.

Therefore, we now tell our customers that we offer “Service as a Service” to tailor our offering to their specific needs and provide the most effectiveness and productivity that your infrastructure can offer.

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Published By: Adrian Ghira on February 07th, 2017