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While it is understood that resources aren’t limitless in today’s economy, it’s also important to remember that you should always take a look at what you can do to spend your money as wisely as possible.

In a previous blog we examined the pros and cons of cloud based email vs. on premises email servers. That is one piece of the email argument and the other is whether you should simply use your favourite webmail provider (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to function as your business email.

There is an argument about the upfront cost associated with buying a server to be used to operate as an exchange server (assuming of course you don’t buy a new server with Server 2016 that doesn’t have an embedded exchange server) and that usually gets people thinking about Office 365. For a very low monthly licensing fee you can have professional email that offers more security than your personal email can provide.

The article at the following link shows an example of a webmail vulnerability that allows personal information to be gathered without the hackers even needing to know your password.

That is a scary enough thought when it’s our personal information but think for a moment about what could be lost when you talk about your business critical data.

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Published By: Adrian Ghira on February 21st, 2017