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Blog - Sales GoalsToo many times nowadays people fall victim to pushy sales people that are motivated by one thing…closing a deal to meet their quarterly goals!

In the end, everyone’s sets goals as a business or they don’t stay in business very long as they lose track of how to follow their plan and grow properly. The problem is that a lot of times, these goals are unrealistic and force sales people to “create” benefits to signing a contract or utilizing a specific product.

At GAM Tech, we do things differently and aren’t motivated by aggressive targets that put our sales figures ahead of your service. Firstly, we don’t have a sales department, we have business development. This is not just semantics as we do believe strongly that we need to work as closely as possible with our clients and become an extension of your company to ensure that you are functioning at your highest level.

Secondly, we believe that our growth is tied to your growth and happens organically as we provide the best service possible to you so that you have what you need to meet your targets and that in turn, gets us to ours.

The concept of something that is too good to be true is not a new one and people are more reluctant now to believe that something is as it appears and that is for good reason. Often times, services are misrepresented and everyone says that they are trying to do the best things for you but once you sign on the dotted line, everything changes and you quickly find out that you are not being provided what was expected and you now have a contract in place or the piece of equipment that you paid top dollar for is not doing what you needed it to.

Give us a call today or talk to one of our clients to find out what you can expect once you come on board with GAM Tech as a managed I.T. service client.

Published By: Adrian Ghira on March 09th, 2017