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GAM Tech is teaming up with youngsters at North Haven Elementary School to collect unused electronic devices.

The third and fourth graders at North Haven Elementary School here in Calgary are on a mission. They’re looking to collect old and unused electronic devices like cell phones and tablets, and the GAM Tech team is excited to be helping them with this initiative. There are a lot of great reasons to make sure your electronics are disposed of in an environmentally-conscious way, but the kids at North Haven have a very specific reason in mind.

They’re hoping to raise awareness about the need to reduce the amount of coltan being mined for electronics in gorilla habitats in the Congo. The Grauer’s gorilla is nearing extinction thanks to mining activities in their home territories, and without serious steps to protect them, this species could be gone forever in the very near future.

The GAM Tech team is taking care of the collection portion of this initiative, arranging for pickups and drop-offs with anyone who would like to participate. Give us a call at 403-768-0900 or email us at before January 17th, 2018 to arrange collection or drop off with the GAM Tech team.

All devices collected by North Haven and GAM Tech will be used to create a gorilla sculpture that will be displayed at the Calgary Zoo.

Unethical Coltan Mining Has Had Devastating Effects On The Environment And Inhabitants Of The Congo

The term “blood diamond” is one you’ve probably heard before. There have long been serious issues with Congolese minerals being mined in extremely unethical ways, and over the years several industries have taken steps to ensure that the minerals they’re purchasing for their products are cruelty-free. Despite these efforts, and regulations like the 2010 provision to the Dodd-Frank Act that obligates companies to keep Conflict Minerals out of their supply chains, the problem has persisted.

One of the major issues with columbite-tantalite (better known as coltan) mining is that not only are the numerous artisanal mines that continue to pop up damaging the surrounding areas; they’re necessitating a destruction of resources and wildlife. Miners working and living in these remote areas are cut off from the supplies they would normally get from nearby villages, forcing them to find alternative food sources.

Miners are turning to “bushmeat” in order to feed themselves, and that means hunting and killing gorillas, chimpanzees, and even elephants for food. The Grauer’s gorilla, in particular, has become a popular target for these hunters since they live in large groups that stay primarily on the ground. They’re large animals – the largest species of gorilla, in fact – which makes them both easy to spot and a good source of meat. Their population has plummeted over the past two decades, going from an estimated 17,000 in 1995 to a mere 3,800. Conservation efforts in recent years have seen a promising increase in the population, but more needs to be done.

There are a number of laws in place to protect these animals from harm, but as long as coltan mining continues to be a lucrative business for mine owners and operators, this problem will persist. Activist groups are working to both protect gorillas and teach locals farming techniques that will let them rely more on their own food production and less on hunting, but their efforts will only accomplish so much while the mines continue to operate.

Experts agree that mining is one of the main causes of this troubling population decline, and the technology sector is the top customer for coltan – which is the area’s most popularly mined conflict mineral.

The key to resolving this crisis will come down to the actions of electronics manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers need to make a serious and ongoing effort to source minerals from mines that are bushmeat and conflict-free and use only cruelty-free minerals in their products. Making unethical mines unprofitable is the only way to shut them down.

Help Us Raise Awareness

By taking part in this collection drive organized by North Haven Elementary School, you can help bring attention to this cause by contributing materials for the display at the Calgary Zoo. Having this sculpture in place at this popular tourist attraction will help to spread much-needed awareness, and potentially help to make a real impact on gorilla conservation efforts.

Get in touch with GAM Tech today to make arrangements for us to take your old, unwanted, and unused phones and tablets off your hands, and help us to make the North Haven Elementary School’s collection drive a major success.

Have old phones or tablets lying around? Give GAM Tech a call at 403-768-0900 or email us at before January 17th, 2018 to arrange for collection or drop off. Any contribution you make will be greatly appreciated!

Published By: Adrian Ghira on January 05th, 2018