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Blog - To Update Or Not To UpdateHow many times have you cursed your mobile devices after performing the latest “fix” via updates from the manufacturer?

While we know that not all things can be predicted, somehow we put blind faith in the fact that there will be no side effects to doing an update as manufacturers have suggested it and they know best, right?

When we perform Windows updates for our clients on a monthly basis but often times we have to assess whether to do it right away (assuming your schedule allows for this) or leave it for a couple weeks to let them work out any kinks that may come up and could affect your business negatively.

The honest truth is that there is no perfect system but having a team with the experience GAM Tech has behind you to inform you and take care of such things automatically so that you don’t have to decide mid-day or whenever you PC decides is the “right time” to do an update gives you peace of mind in knowing that we are on it even if something should happen that wasn’t intended when an update is implemented.

The following article details the benefits of each update since the “creators update” and tells you what they were intended to fix as well as if they recommended an immediate implementation or not.

As always, our main goal is to keep your business running at its highest capabilities and we work to empower our clients with knowledge all while ensuring them that we are here to actually help and assist in any way that we can. While things can’t always be planned out to predict every possible outcome, steps can be taken to ensure that they go as smoothly as possible and that our service guarantee is behind the decisions that we make each and every time.