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One-Man IT Shop vs GAM Tech

Too often we see businesses with limited IT budgets resorting to in-house IT managers, as opposed to outsourcing to a team of qualified experts. While this may seem like the right answer at first, it is seldom a long-term solution for reducing an organization’s overall costs, boosting employee productivity and reducing downtime.

In fact, in-house IT staff often cost organizations MORE in terms of time and money than the fully comprehensive services of a Managed IT Services provider.


Download your free copy of our comparison chart to find out how internal IT managers and GAM Tech’s Managed IT Services differ in terms of:

  • Cost – Budget planning and predictability
  • Response Times – Reliability and accountability
  • Training – Time spent getting to know your staff, your business and its unique needs
  • Flexibility – The ability to adapt to current trends and future business needs
  • Future Planning – Strategic options for long-term growth

What our customers say

The team at GAM Tech are reliable, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Anytime we’ve had an issue, they’ve been communicative and solved it in a timely fashion. We would recommend them to any organisation on the hunt for IT support.


Lindsay D.

CBM Projects Inc.

Everything works… but every once in a while it doesn't (granted, it is usually user error). When it doesn't work, GAM Tech makes sure it is fixed quickly. They are respectful of my time and what I need to get my job done. They always have time to answer my questions, and help get everything working the way it needs to. Application updates, general maintenance, new equipment, servers, hosting, emails, phones… they make everything work, seamless and with as little interruption as possible. I highly recommend GAM Tech for any of your managed IT services, VoIP services, or technology consulting.


D. Holesworth

Zinc Ventures

Fast, reliable, efficient service! Extremely knowledgeable and well organized. Always ready and willing to help solve all of our IT issues. Would suggest this company for all your IT needs. Adrian and his team are the BEST!


Central Health Chiropractic