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Keep your business data safe with private cloud.

Cloud solutions that build up your bottom line.

From cost of utilities, hardware, and Internet, GAM Tech's hosted private cloud solutions put money back into your business budget so you can focus on growth.


Why use our Hosted Private Cloud?

  • Customized pricing for your business’ budget.

  • Upgrade your I.T. on demand, with no hassle.

  • Reduce costs for hardware, utilities and bandwidth.

  • Increased capital for other meaningful projects and business growth.

  • Faster recovery of data for any device, giving you peace of mind.

Fully compliant cloud-based solutions, especially for Canadian businesses.

Your data will be safely stored in Canada, never crossing borders, while always providing you with a more compliant and flexible cloud storage solution.

Simple and secure, our hosted private cloud solutions keep your data safer than public storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Designed to give Canadian businesses more peace of mind.

  • Ultimate data safety

    GAM Tech's Tier 3 data center is completely compliant to the latest in Canadian business security standards while providing 100% Canadian-based data storage.

  • Grow your business without delays

    We remove any limits of your server environment and size, so your business can scale over time without interruption or added expense.

  • Your data on any device, anywhere, anytime

Custom cloud server environments are also available for any users with a reliable Internet connection, giving them access to important data from one central source.

  • Pay-per-use cloud servers

Minimize overhead and reduce operating expenses. with our secure, reliable hosting solutions for costs that are easier to budget for.

  • Eliminate server downtime

    Your service and data will remain running through service outages or equipment failure, saving your business from lost productivity and revenue.

  • No server migration time

    World-class migration of your data from GAM Tech’s dedicated team of experts means we’ll do it for you quickly and efficiently. 

  • Give yourself a competitive edge

    Cloud solutions are a must-have for improving and maintaining a competitive advantage as it allows you to focus resources on your valued clients and customers. 


Choose Private Cloud Solutions designed for Canadian businesses.

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