What Are You Not Getting By Staying Away From The Cloud?

Okay, you’ve read about Cloud storage and Cloud computing from a trade publication, an online article, or maybe heard about it from a competitor and how their business is running smoother, once they moved to the Cloud. And now you’re toying with the idea of moving your company’s technology in that direction.

But what really caught your eye about Cloud storage is if an unexpected disaster destroys your building, your company’s data is still safe and secure and easily available from the Cloud.

Now consider this hidden benefit non-Cloud users will not get by staying away from the Cloud. Your data is stored on a virtual server and not on your employee’s actual devices. So, if one of your staff members leaves their company issued tablet secured in the building and the building is destroyed, only the device is lost, not your data.

Your client files, company data and employee information, not stored on that device, will still be safe, secure, and easily available in the Cloud.

What Other Benefits Will Non-Cloud Users Miss Out On?

  1. Because your hardware, software, servers and applications are hosted in the cloud, you’ll be able to free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, upgrade your I.T. on the fly and say goodbye to frustrating technology management for good.
  2. Pay-For-What-You-Use Pricing. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it. Who wouldn’t want a payment plan like that? GAM Tech finds, identifies, and migrates your key technology to the Cloud. We will take the physical aspects of your IT, including servers and the services they execute, along with their management and maintenance, across the Internet, to a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

As a future Cloud user, what could you do with the lower overhead expense? Hire more staff? Upgrade other needed company equipment, or maybe expand your operation?


Cloud IT solutions are built to comply with all business security standards, which your company can take advantage of with GAM Tech.


Technology built to grow with your business needs in real-time with predicable costs. And adding an additional office is just a few clicks away with Cloud solutions from GAM Tech.


Extend the reach of your current IT with internet-based computing available at any location on any device. All you need is an internet connection!


Control costs and remove upfront capital expenses such as licensing, computing power, storage and bandwidth by only paying for what you use.

You can simply – Leave I.T. to Us!™

With GAM Tech as your Cloud Data Backup Provider, we will secure your data and technology, and let you deliver a recognizable difference in the marketplace and give you and your company a competitive advantage. Let’s Talk!