Security and Compliance

It Sounds Like a Modern-Day Horror Story With Award Winning Performances.

Going online is not like going to the movies. At the movies, you are familiar with the actors and aware of your surroundings. The performance begins, you watch with great anticipation and are spellbound. Your eyes are glued to the screen. In the end, you walk out smiling and satisfied knowing wrongs were made right and it all worked out in the end. With network security, it’s different.

Online, that sense of knowing and being aware disappears. Once you’ve stepped onto the information superhighway, your access to the Internet will drop you into surroundings that are not familiar and very unfriendly.

Exposing your business to some very, very sinister, suspicious, deceptive and dangerous villains. Not like lions, tigers and bears that can be caged. Far, far worse. Dark Web Criminal types. Hackers! Who spawn Viruses, Worms, Spam, and Ransomware for a profit.

In Their World, There Are No Good Guys or Happy Endings.

There is no pleading with them. No honourable conclusion they will accept. They cannot be bargained with. Negotiated with. Reasoned with. Or Trusted!

This band of evil characters want nothing more than to threaten you, steal from you, hold your valuable data hostage for a price, and outright destroy your business, your livelihood, your reputation and reek sheer havoc in your life.

They want what you worked so hard to accumulate. Once in their possession, they will turn around and sell your company’s data, client information or employee’s confidential records to the highest bidder. For what? Their greed and to profit off the backs of honest hard working people.

You Don’t Have To Leave Yourself Vulnerable To These Hooligans

The Internet is an amazing tool that no business can afford to be without these days. It’s your main connection with clients, partners, employees, and vendors. You can also get so much work done with your email and network.

But you must start protecting your connections to the Internet, so you and your employees can stay safe without sacrificing productivity.

You Will Eliminate Threats With Effective Network Security

Using GAM Tech’s 24/7 systems monitoring to detect and resolve issues like viruses and intrusion in addition to firewalls configured, will protect you without slowing down your technology’s performance. Fully configured anti-virus protection and detection including quarantines to stop spam and viruses from getting through your email. Website filtering to cut off dangerous and time-wasting sites and sources of malware.

You Can Unlock Your Business Potential

Password management makes it easy and simple to use unique and safe passwords. Regularly patched and updated systems are used to eliminate security loopholes. GAM Tech educates all users how to use email and the Internet safely, and how to avoid cybercrime tactics like phishing attacks.

You Will Improve Your Profitability With Secure Technology

GAM Tech listens and understands your businesses needs. We work tirelessly to provide security solutions to any cybercrime issues that you may face. We will streamline the way you function day-to-day so that each hour is maximized, and data is untouchable to the wrong people.

You can simply – Leave I.T. to Us!™

With GAM Tech as your Network Security Specialist, we will secure your data and technology, and let you deliver a recognizable difference in the marketplace and give you and your company a competitive advantage. Let’s Talk!