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Security and Compliance

Hackers spawn viruses, worms, spam, and ransomware for a profit. They will threaten you, steal from you, hold your valuable data hostage for a price and have no reservations about destroying your businessFor these reasons, you must start protecting your connections to the Internet, so you and your employees can stay safe without sacrificing productivity.  

Network Security and GAM Tech 

  • Eliminate Threats - GAM Tech’s 24/7/365 systems monitoring will detect and resolve issues like viruses and other threats. Fully configured firewalls, anti-virus protection and detection and quarantines will prevent spam and viruses from getting through your email and website filtering will cut off dangerous websites and sources of malware. 
  • Unlock Your Business Potential - Password management makes it simple and easy to use unique and safe passwords. Regularly patched and updated systems will eliminate security loopholes and we will make a point to educate users on how to avoid cybercrime tactics like phishing attacks. 
  • Improve Your Profitability with Secure Technology - GAM Tech listens and understands your business' needs and we will work tirelessly to provide security solutions to any cybercrime issues you may face. We will streamline the way you function day-to-day so you can maximize productivity while keeping your data untouchable. 

GAM Tech deploys a wide array of network security tools that provide security when and where you need it most. Our email protection offers you peace of mind, knowing your traffic is safe and spam-free and we also provide vulnerability and risk assessments.

All of this combined will improve your ability to comply with regulatory standards and protect your company’s reputation.