Leave I.T. to Us!

If you’ve been on the lookout for an IT Services Partner who will improve your cyber security, reduce costs and increase your business’s productivity, your search is over.   

Whether you need extra protection for your networks, compliance support for today’s strict regulatory mandates, or strategic planning services for the future growth of your business, GAM Tech has everything you need to help you succeed. A few of our great services include:    

Your Microsoft Office 365
The most complete Office-Cloud Service to date. We’ll tailor it to align with your needs and your budget.
Your Hosted VoIP
Today’s essential communications tool that increases your business continuity capabilities, flexibility, productivity, and lets you save money on long distance calls.
Your IT Project Management
That’s properly planned for and implemented using the right IT solutions from start to finish.
Your Regulatory Compliance Support
With secure IT, so you and your staff can focus on your business operations, not just security issues.
Your Backup and Business Continuity
To prepare your business for any disaster, manmade or natural.
Your Network Security
That deploys a proactive defense to protect your Calgary or Lethbridge, AB business from today’s malicious cyber threats.
Your Email and Spam Protection
That provides the peace of mind you want to have and knowing your outgoing emails are safe, and incoming emails are spam-free.
Your Vulnerability & Risk Assessments
So your IT is truly secure, improves your ability to comply with regulatory standards, and protects your company’s good reputation.
Your Risk Management
To safeguard your IT from cybercrime and other disasters that pose threats to your security.
 Your Proactive Managed IT Services
That keep your business up and running.
Your Cloud Consultant
That ensures the privacy of your data, mitigates security threats and compliance issues, and increases your employee’s productivity.
Your Outsourced CIO IT Services
To help you overcome whatever technology challenges you face, and keep your business running and profitable with the right, secure, and properly managed IT solutions.
Your IT Strategic Planning
That provides the framework your business needs to succeed through technology.
Your Systems Virtualization
To maximize your technology resources, and capabilities.

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