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Did You Know: 

  • Nearly 90% of businesses don’t track their print-related costs
  • Printing is the third highest expense for businesses, following rent and payroll
  • Document costs consist of anywhere between 5% and 15% of an organization’s annual revenue
  • 35% - 50% of IT helpdesk calls are print-related, averaging between $20 and $25 per call

Why GAM Tech?

At GAM Tech, we specialize in keeping businesses up and running. Responsive, Reliable and Accountable, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ll come up with affordable, worry-free print solutions to bolster your organization’s success.

The GAM Tech Advantage:

  • Lower Operating Costs: One of the primary incentives for any business to partner with a Managed Print Service provider is reduced operating costs. Not only will they help you weed out outdated, inefficient devices (money guzzlers), but you’ll also benefit from wholesale pricing (more on that below). You’ll also no longer have to foot the bill for service calls should an issue arise, as these are included.
  • Automated Delivery: Get what you need before you need it. Your provider will diligently and automatically monitor your inventory to ensure you never run out of toner, paper and other necessary supplies. Even better, you won’t be stuck with stockrooms full of bulk cartridges, wasting valuable space and creating unnecessary upfront costs. Instead, you can look forward to proactive solutions paired with predictable spending.
  • Less Downtime, More UP Time: As we mentioned, 35% - 50% of IT helpdesk calls are print-related, averaging between $20 and $25 per call. BUT, with the help of a reputable MPS provider, you can reduce these unnecessary costs by as much as 14%. From paper jams to print quality, your provider will take care of all print-related service calls, complaints and repairs for you – leaving your team to focus on the things that really matter most.
  • Increased Productivity: Speaking of things that matter most, nothing is more important than your business. For this reason, many organizations are opting for MPS as a means of reducing costs, automating their delivery supply and keeping their employees focused on the task at hand (instead of doing battle with various print devices to perform their job). Your MPS provider understands you have more important things to worry about than the office copy machine.
  • Wholesale Pricing and Flexible Financing: In many cases, it’s much more affordable to lease or finance a new device than it is to operate an old one. As most MPS providers have orchestrated wholesale agreements with a variety of print vendors, you’ll have access to leading-edge devices and products at a fraction of the cost. Your MPS partnership will allow you to stop wasting money on outdated, ineffective equipment in exchange for affordable, new devices with predictable pricing options.

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