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Why Managed Print Services?

  • 90% of businesses don’t track their print-related costs
  • Printing is the third highest expense for businesses
  • Document costs are 5 - 15% of a company's annual revenue
  • 35 - 50% of IT help desk calls are printer-related
  • Print support calls have an average cost of $20 - $25 per call
  • Managed Print Services can show savings of 30%


Your business has an opportunity for significant cost savings.


Are you using print fleet management as a part of your IT strategy?

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Why GAM Tech?

At GAM Tech, we specialize in keeping businesses up and running with IT business solutions that are responsive, reliable, and accountable.

You’ll have peace of mind with our worry-free print solutions to boost your organization’s bottom line.

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What's great about GAM Tech MPS?

Lower Costs:

Managed Print Services (MPS) create reduced operating costs.

GAM Tech will give you access to wholesale pricing while removing outdated, inefficient devices that cost your business more every year.

Plus, no more bills for service calls. You'll always have included support from GAM Tech.


Automated Delivery:

You can reduce costs by as much as 14% with GAM Tech.

We monitor your inventory to ensure you never run out of toner, paper and other necessary supplies.

Get proactive print solutions paired with predictable spending.


Less Downtime:

From paper jams to print quality, we'll take care of all print-related service calls, complaints and repairs for you – leaving your team to focus on things that matter more to your business.


Increased Productivity:

We understand you have more important things to worry about than the office copy machine.

We'll automate your delivery supply and keep employees from having to battle with various print devices.


Wholesale Pricing and Flexible Financing:

Stop wasting money on outdated print devices - we'll make printing more affordable through leasing or financing a new print device.

With GAM Tech, you’ll have access to leading-edge devices and products at a fraction of the cost and predictable pricing options.

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