10 Important Reasons You Need Managed Print Services

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Printing can be the third highest business costs after payroll and rent – managed business services can reduce your company’s operating costs by 30%.

Many people might think that paper and printing consumption has slowed down in today’s digital world. In fact, paper consumption has increased by 400% in the last 40 years, with 35% of harvested trees being used for paper manufacturing. 

Digital transformation has certainly revolutionized the way the world does business, but research shows that paper and printing are not going away anytime soon, especially within many office environments.  

Managing the level of print consumption without a managed print service plan is difficult – businesses lose 14% of their business revenue through document and print related inefficiencies.  

In fact, the amount of hidden printer-related costs for a business is quite surprising.  

"Most companies have no idea what they spend on printing annually and underestimate costs by as much as 40%"

Managing a printer fleet can be a burden on both your budget and your time – you have more important things to do than worry about fixing your printer or ordering supplies. The list of printer-related items to manage is time consuming, including: 

  • Procurement of printer equipment and supplies 
  • Managing supply orders 
  • Monitoring printer and supply usage 
  • Scheduling maintenance 
  • Fixing printer issues 
  • Replacing service equipment, parts and supplies


There are many benefits to Managed Print Services (MPS), especially for small to midsize businesses. Cost savings is an important reason for SMBs to consider using MPS.

"Printing can be the third highest business costs after payroll and rent – managed business services can reduce your company’s operating costs by 30%"

That’s an important chunk of revenues that can be returned to your business.

Read on for the 10 reasons your business would benefit from MPS if you are ready to worry less about managing your printers and start saving money for your business.

10 reasons why you need MPS for your business:  


Managed Print Services helps your organization stop wasting money by consolidating devices and vendors, setting up printer security, automating your supply fulfillment and meter readings and supplying reporting on printer and service activities. 

MPS provides 24/7/365 support for those annoying print problems like paper jams, error messages, running out of ink and printer malfunctions. Your MPS team also replaces or removes old and outdated devices which cause loss of time and money.  

Think of how much time you spend dealing with problem hardware, waiting for repairs and replacing and ordering supplies. 

MPS will help you get your time back. 

In addition to supplying reliable, functional equipment, they will identify and prevent these types of problems, allowing you to focus on other things. 

GAM Tech Managed Print Services Include: 

  • Fixed monthly rate  
  • 24x7x365 support  
  • 5-minute response time  
  • Service desk & ticket tracking  
  • Anti-virus solutions  
  • Hosted anti-spam  
  • Offsite backups  
  • System monitoring  
  • Managed Inventory  
  • Routine maintenance  
  • Annual technology planning  
  • Documentation and reporting  
  • Vendor support 



Your MPS Provider will assess your current and future needs while ensuring company resources are being used effectively. They will create a customized program specifically geared toward helping you reach your goals, ultimately streamlining your operations and boosting your bottom line. 

Your MPS provider should analyze: 

  • Your current print hardware 
  • Your printing and document workflow 
  • Printer placement and printing environments 
  • Security levels for each device 
  • Document output 
  • Current supply costs 
  • Printing on the go (mobile) 



Outdated devices are infamous for wasting paper, toner and electricity. Updating hardware, removing unneeded devices and streamlining processes provided by print management will instantly reduce your environmental impact. By tracking and identifying your usage with the help of your provider, you can continue to adjust and make changes to reduce your footprint even further. 


The MPS will conduct a printer security assessment as part of your print security plan and will determine all print security vulnerabilities. The MPS team will install printer utility software that verifies your fleet's security settings against a set of secure policy guidelines. The process will find and report any non-compliant features. 

Other steps can include setting up software and configuring authentication controls that allow printers to only be used for designated staff who use a pass code or a badge scan. Who printed and how much they printed can be tracked and reported to help ensure print consumption is being effectively managed. 

Securing all unmanaged printers and devices is essential to remove any security breach gateways to cyberattacks. 


Our managed print services deliver 24/7/365 support that includes a 5-minute response time and an online service portal with service desk & ticket tracking. With year-round dedicated support that never takes time off, your IT staff can take a vacation sometimes. 


Never run out of toner, paper or any essential printer equipment for your printer fleet with our automated supply fulfillment. MPS software monitors toner levels and other assets. This means that when your inventory is low, MPS sends an automatic replacement in time to take its place. Less work for you, and less downtime for the machine. 


MPS means everything printer-related is handled for your business. With an online customer service portal, you have access to printer management data whenever you need it. 


64% of SMBs can’t track their print costs and usage, so they don’t know where their money is being spent. Your 24-hour customer service portal allows you to view service and printer activity to manage your local and national printer fleet, plus manage and track costs. 


Why waste time finding volume reports for every single printer in your office? MPS software tracks that data automatically. No more trying to remember which buttons to push to get your meter count. They’re sent to the vendor without you having to do a thing. 


Your IT professionals should be using their expertise towards more important tasks than fixing printer-related issues. 12% of the IT budget goes to printer care and maintenance – this is a burden your MPS provider can remove from the IT team.  

Growing a successful business requires leveraging digital technology to stand out from the crowd — the internet and information technology are powerful factors in small to medium-sized businesses reaching new markets and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Many small businesses think that they are too small to get noticed and targeted by cyber criminals. In fact, the opposite is true – cyber criminals are actively going after smaller businesses because they believe their computers are vulnerable.


Why GAM Tech?

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  • Fixed monthly rate
  • 24x7x365 support
  • 5-minute response time
  • Service desk & ticket tracking
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Hosted anti-spam
  • Offsite backups
  • System monitoring
  • Managed Inventory
  • Routine maintenance
  • Annual technology planning
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Vendor support


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Posted by Adrian Ghira on Oct 25, 2022 2:34:17 PM

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