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What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Here's how RPA works:

RPA is automation technology that uses bots - software programs that can copy a human employee's actions. These bots can be used to perform any sort of actions and tasks, from data entry to invoicing, recognizing and reading text, and more.

RPA stands for:

  • Robotic - We use software equipped with programs called "algorithms" to execute tasks for you. These are called "bots". Instead of a physical machine, these bots live in your computer systems, following rules that GAM Tech programs for you.

    For example, these bots can distribute support tickets to your teams in order to save time and remove human error from the equations. As long as the bot has been given the proper rules, it will follow them, to the letter.

  • Process - These are steps that a human worker would typically perform to complete a task. Step-by-step, each task in the process is completed, until they reach the desired result. These repetitive tasks take time and care, in order to get the best result from a human.

    RPA bots complete those steps on behalf of your team members, letting them focus their attention on other growth-based tasks.

  • Automation - A task is performed without interference from a real human. Through automation, human resources can be freed up through RPA's ability to manage huge amounts of data at uber-fast speeds.


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What is an RPA bot?

RPA bots are software robots. Think of them as your personal, digital workforce. In business, each RPA bot can do the same computer-based jobs as a human employee. If you have any apps or cloud-based software that uses a number of "seats", an RPA bot will need one of them.

At GAM Tech, we use Archie - a bot that we have programmed with intelligent automation to interact with new and existing clients, answer their questions, and get them routed to the right member of the GAM Tech team for conversations. This leads to improved customer experience for people interacting with us.A picture of what decision making looks like without using RPA bots.


How is Archie different than a human worker?

  1. 1. Archie never forgets anything - its memory is perfect.

  2. 2. Archie can only do one task at a time.  You can't bother to do something urgently if Archie is already doing something.

  3. 3. Archie never mixes things up.
  5. 4. Archie works 24/7 - while GAM Tech isn't working, Archie doesn't stop and it works on the weekends!

5. Archie is ridiculously fast. If a conversation or customer service report needs to be completed, the job is done in minutes, when it takes a human a couple of hours.

6. Archie works through basic commands and logic. If you need Archie to find something or answer questions, just tell it what you want it to say in straightforward language, and it's done... no need for back and forth emails.



RPA - Decision Making AFTER

What can RPA bots do?

As long as you are assigning tasks that are rule-based, RPA tools can do most clerical and administrative tasks:

  • - Manipulate files
    - Start or start other apps or software
  • - Extract data from documents
  • - Querying databases
  • - Transferring data
  • - Typing text or filling in forms



What types of businesses can use Robotic Process Automation?

Customer Service

  • After-hours support
  • Reviews & Feedback
  • Sending notifications
  • Updating profiles
  • Purchase status updates

Human Resources

  • Time record validation
  • Managing payroll
  • Employee onboarding
  • Surveys & Reporting
  • Reconciling accounting

Finance & Insurance

  • Invoicing
  • Preparing data for audits
  • Processing transactions
  • Billing information
  • Data extraction

Why should you use RPA?

You don't need AI and machine learning to make a digital transformation at your business. Imagine what your business would be able to accomplish with time-sucking tasks being completed by RPA bots.

Remember these things about RPA:

  • RPA is automation that uses robots to remove the human element from repetitive tasks.

  • RPA can make your employees more efficient and bring your business more value from people by keeping them focused on making more impact in areas of growth.

  • RPA bots can emulation basic human actions and complete mundane tasks using a fraction of the time it would take a person to complete the same job.
This is a picture showing an example of what RPA bots can do with business processes.

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