GAM Tech: Committed to a Living Wage for a Thriving Alberta

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In today's fast-paced business world, many companies strive to be leaders not only in their respective industries but also in their commitment to employees and their communities. GAM Tech, a tech company based in Alberta, has taken a significant step towards this goal by becoming a Living Wage Employer in the Province of Alberta. Thsi move is a testament to GAM Tech's dedication to ensuring that its employees can meet tehir basic needs and actively participate in their communities, beyond just adhering to the minimum wage regulations. 

Understanding the Living Wage Difference

So, what exactly is a living wage, and how does it differ from the minimum wage? A living wage is a voluntary commitment from employers to pay their employees a wage that covers the actual costs of living in their communities. Unlike the minimum wage, which is mandatory and uniform throughout the province, a living wage reflects the real financual demands of emplyees' lives, including housing, food, transportation, and more. 

To put it into perspective, as of now, the living wage for different cities in Alberta is as follows:

  • Calgary: $22.40
  • Red Deer: $21.40
  • Edmonton: $19.65

Total Compensation & a Holistic Approach

One unique aspect of the Alberta Living Wage Network's calculation is that it considers total compensation, which includes not only the base pay bur also the value of extras, such as benefits, perks, and paid time off above the legislated minimum. This comprehensive approach ensures that employees receive not only a wage that covers their basic needs but also additional support to enhance their quality of life. 

GAM Tech has undergone a rigoeous evaluation of its compensation practices by the Alberta Living Wage Network. GAM Tech meets the living wage criteria, confirming the company's commitment to providing a fair and livable wage to its employees. 

A Deeper Look into GAM Tech's Compensation Package

GAM Tech pays a living wage rate when considering the base wage and the following benefits:

  • $200/month Health Spending Account
  • Unlimited Time Off Policy

The inclusion of these benefits showcases GAM Tech's holistic approach to compensation. The Health Spending Account ensures that employees can access essential healthcare, providing peace of mind and security for themselves and their families. This not only addresses the immediate needs of employees but also demonstartes GAM Tech's investment in their long-term well being.

The Unlimited Time Off Policy reflects GAM Tech's belief in the importance of work-life balance. In a world where employees often struggle to find time for personal life and self-care, this policy empowers employees to take the time they need to recharge and spend with loved ones without fear of losing income. It is significant step towards creating a healthier and happier workforce. 

GAM Tech's Impact on the Community

In an era where many companies are focused on growth and profits, GAM Tech stands out by prioritizing its employees' well-being and its role in the local community. By adopting a living wage approach, GAM Tech not only benefits its workforce but also contributes to a healthier and more prosperous Alberta. 

GAM Tech's commitment to its employees and the community is a shinning example of corporate social responsibility. It's a testament to their belief that a thriving workforce and communnity go hand in hand, and it sets a remarkable precedent for other organizations to follow. 

In conclsuion, GAM Tech's dedication to provoding a living wage and a comprehensive compensation package is a testament to their commitment to the well-being of their employees and the comunity they serve. Their proactive approach towards fair compensation sets a standard that other organizations in Alberta and beyond can look up to, fostering a more inclusive and thriving society. As the living wage rates evolve, GAM Tech's commitment to its employees and their communities remains unwavering, making them a true leader in the pursuit of a better Alberta for all.

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