Why Managed Print Services?

While it’s true many business-related tasks are becoming more and more digitized, it seems printers and copiers are here to stay (at least for the time being).

For this reason, organizations are turning to reputable Managed Print Service (MPS) providers to support their needs, boost productivity and save money.  

What Are Managed Print Services? 

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer the continued monitoring, support and improvement of your organization’s printing needs.

A program offered by a reputable provider who strives to keep your unique requirements in mind, MPS will manage all aspects of your printing:


The Benefits of Managed Print Services 

Many benefits accompany the decision to partner with an MPS provider. Here are just a few of the several advantages you can expect to gain with the right print solutions:


Controlled Costs and Savings

For starters, many businesses opt to partner with a Managed Print Service provider to save money. It's simple, but some MPS providers can cut print costs by up to 60%.

Saving that money can come in several ways, including:

  • Regulating day-to-day print activities
  • Putting real numbers into measuring your print-related spending
  • Replacing inefficient and expensive devices
  • Implementing cost-effective strategies
  • Eliminating repair bills

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Worry-Free Service 

One of your MPS provider’s primary functions is to oversee your print inventory.

This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of paper, toner cartridges or other essential supplies as they will be replenished automatically.

This also helps to reduce overhead costs associated with having to stockpile and store large quantities of products.


Affordable Financing and Wholesale Pricing 

Why waste money consistently trying to repair old, sluggish devices when you can lease or finance new equipment at a fraction of the cost?

Yet another perk of working with an MPS provider is benefiting from wholesale pricing and affordable financing on new, efficient devices and products.

Overall, you’ll eliminate downtime and maintenance costs associated with ineffective equipment in favour of modern, reliable, and budget-friendly devices.


Increased Productivity and Efficiency 

Paper jams, low toner, machine errors, slow printing processes. Imagine how much employee time is wasted on dealing with faulty print devices and copiers.

These scenarios aren’t just frustrating to your staff, they’re expensive.

Your MPS provider will help your employees stay focused on the task at hand with efficient equipment, automated supply restocking and replacement and fast service when it comes to equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.


Environmentally Friendly Printing 

Outdated devices aren’t just bad for your business, they’re bad for the environment.

In addition to gobbling up excessive amounts of paper and toner (most toner cartridges end up in the landfill), these inefficient machines typically require much more electricity to operate.

MPS can help you reduce your utility and supply bills, as well as your carbon footprint.


Give I.T. a Break

Your I.T. department likely has more important things to do than battle a temperamental printer every other hour. Reduce unnecessary service calls and allow your I.T. staff to focus on their everyday tasks by enlisting the help of a MPS provider.


Read our comprehensive guide to Managed Print benefits for small businesses!


Why GAM Tech? 

All businesses can benefit from partnering with a MPS provider – especially one who specializes in keeping businesses up and running. At GAM Tech, we not only provide the very best in print devices, services, support and planning, but we’re also accredited IT experts. Responsive, Reliable and Accountable, we deliver the peace of mind you deserve, knowing we’ll always provide the right solutions for your organization.

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