Thinking About Switching IT Service Providers? 

At GAM Tech, we understand that there is nothing more important to your business than your data. Because of the ever evolving modern workplace, your IT infrastructure HAS TO perform at its highest level at all times - we get that. If your current IT service provider doesn't, then you're probably considering switching to a new one. 

But, we understand that many businesses are hesitant to make a switch due to an assumption that changing providers is a difficult and intrusive process. Thankfully, when you switch to GAM Tech this isn't true. In fact, switching to GAM Tech is a simple, seamless, six-step process that can get you on board with top-notch managed IT services in as little as a day. 

Seamless Switch: How to Switch Your IT to GAM Tech in 6 Simple Steps

Here are the 6 easy steps it will take for you to become a GAM Tech IT client: 

Step 1: Contract Signing

Our easy opt-out contract doesn’t lock you in long term - we are confident that after the first 6 months of partnering with us a contract will be the last thing you're thinking about.

Step 2: Communication with Current Provider and Staff About Changes

We know that you didn't make the decision to switch IT service providers on a whim and that your previous provider will have a relationship with you and your company. We always communicate professionally with them for as long as they are still under contract with you to ensure that they are aware of any changes we are making. We also communicate directly and openly with your staff so they know what is happening and how it will affect them.

Step 3: Providing Staff with Current IT Policies and Procedures

Most companies don't have their own IT policies and procedures for staff to follow already prepared, and that makes sense - you're busy doing your job and don't always have time to think about best practices for IT support. When you switch to us, we take care of that for you by implementing policies and procedures that help your staff understand that IT support is there to help (not hinder) their work. By following some simple procedures they can optimize the effectiveness our support.

Step 4: Training Staff on Accessing Multiple Support Options

At GAM Tech, we try to empower our clients by providing training throughout the entire length of our partnership. When you switch to us as your IT Service provider, we start this right away by laying out the ways that our support team can be accessed (it's as easy as a click, email or quick call).

Step 5: Daily On-Site Support During Transition

We will be on-site daily for the the transition period to make sure your staff get to know us, gets the answers they need, and to show you that we there to make your lives easier and aren’t going to be a disruptionThe transition period can be as short or as long as you need it to be. 

Step 6: On-Going Support

Once you've successfully switched IT providers to GAM Tech, our friendly support staff continues to make sure that you get your issues resolved as quickly as possible and that you are happy with the results. Our management team also meets with your site contact quarterly to discuss progress and plan accordingly for the next quarter. But we're also available as you require around those meetings should project work need to be discussed, etc.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Our goal at GAM Tech is to partner with our clients to deliver what you need and to be the trusted voice that allows you to do your jobs and succeed as well as to be ready for the future. All while still meeting your budgets and allowing for strategic decisions that align with your business goals. If you're ready to make the switch to GAM Tech as your new IT Provider, then now is the time to book a consultation: 

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GAM Tech provides Flexible Support plans that encompass all your information technology needs; all for a fixed monthly rate that’s easy on your budget. Contact us at 1-833-GAMTECH (426-8324) or email us at for more information.