Our Three Core Values Define How GAM Tech Serves You:

GAM Tech IT Service has set in place Three Core Values that drive our company and protect our clients. Each principle guides our decision-making process. We remind ourselves daily why are core values have served our clients well. These principles keep us laser-focused on providing only exceptional service.

We strive to give you the highest level of service you must come to expect from us. Without these values in place, we are simply just another one of those average managed service providers.

Even with growth, our company sees changes, but we do not allow changes to steer us away from our original core values. They carry over to our service and business strategies, and because of this our clients, like you, know they will always depend on us for exceptional service.

Here are Gam Tech’s Three Core Values we live and work by:

Core Value #1: Responsiveness

5 Minute Response Time – We know. That’s a huge promise to keep. Put us to the test. Anything worth doing right should result in you shouting, “WOW!” At GAM Tech, our motto is simple, “You shouldn’t have to wait on I.T. to respond to you.”

When you call, leave us a voicemail or email us, GAM Tech doesn’t want you to wait more than 5 minutes for a response. Our goal is to respond to your service calls or emails within 5 minutes of receiving them. We want you to know we are working on your issue now.

Core Value #2: Reliability

Guaranteed Service – When your system goes down, you must never come to expect repeat visits or calls from an IT service provider, to work on the same issue over and over. That is unacceptable. But many clients switch over to GAM Tech because their managed service provider broke their promise.

We are proud to stand behind our work. We offer no excuses or empty promises. The correct solution must be used the first time and is a challenge to us to resolve your problem. We feel so strongly about this we put a guarantee in place.

Core Value #3: Accountability

Easy Opt-Out – Our initial 6-month contract allows for us to implement our service plan and detail everything related to your network infrastructure. Beyond this point, we know that the agreement will be the furthest thing from your mind and so it does automatically renew.

We stand behind our service and only require a month’s notice if you should decide to terminate the contract for any reason. No additional fee or buy out penalty is required.

GAM Tech delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage.