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Welcome to GAM Tech's Events Hub!

At GAM Tech, we're dedicated to bringing you the latest insights, innovations, and expertise in the world of technology. Our events are more than just gatherings; they're opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together. 

Whether you're a season IT professional looking to stay ahead of the curve or a curious newcomer eager to explore the possibilities of technology, our range of events has you covered.

Check out our upcoming events below and mark your calendars - innovation awaits!

Upcoming Events


ESET Webinar

Join us on May 30th, 2024, at 11 AM for our webinar, "The Rise of Ransomware in SMB - The Evolution of Cyber Attacks." Explore the increasing threat of ransomware targeting small and medium-sized businesses, uncovering the tactics used by attackers, and discover practical strategies to safeguard your business against these evolving cyber threats.

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Microsoft Copilot 

Join us on June 19th at 11 AM for our Microsoft Co-pilot Lunch and Learn event, where we'll explore the power of Microsoft Co-pilot, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. Discover how Copilot can revolutionize your day-to-day tasks and accelerate your journey towards digital transformation.

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Technology Roadshow Day 1 - Calgary

Join us on October 1, 2024, from 8 AM to 2 PM for our highly anticipated Annual Technology Roadshow, featuring esteemed speakers from industry leaders like ESET, Cisco, Lenovo, and more. Explore the latest advancements in technology, network with industry professionals, and gain invaluable insights during the interactive Q&A sessions.

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Red Deer-2

Technology Roadshow Day 2 - Red Deer

Mark your calendars for October 2, 2024, as we host our Annual Technology Roadshow from 8 AM to 2 PM. Join us for a dynamic event featuring top speakers from leading companies such as ESET, Cisco, Lenovo, and others. Experience the future of technology firsthand and engage in enlightening Q&A sessions with industry experts.

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Technology Roadshow Day 3 - Edmonton

Save the date for October 3, 2024, and join us from 8 AM to 2 PM for our Annual Technology Roadshow. Immerse yourself in the latest innovations with presentations from renowned speakers representing ESET, Cisco, Lenovo, and more. Explore cutting-edge tech solutions and get your burning questions answered during interactive Q&A sessions.

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