3 Reasons to Love Meraki MX and Cisco Umbrella

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Meraki and Umbrella combined is a fast, easy and affordable way to secure your small business network against internet threats like malware, ransomware, and C2 callbacks

What if you could protect every user in your business instantaneously and on any device?

Whether you are an existing Meraki MX customer or are considering it for your business, the power of Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella integration is very simple to deploy for your on-premise security and SD-WAN needs.

You can instantly secure every user, app, and device on and off your Meraki network, with no added latency or additional appliances required.

Meraki MX and Umbrella integration provides an effortless start to your Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) journey. With simplified IPsec tunnel connectivity, you’ll get fast deployment of Umbrella across your distributed locations. Streamlined network configuration and security enforcement make it easy to secure cloud access and protect users against internet threats on- or off-network.

Easiest Solution to Deploy and Manage 

This integration brings together two cloud-managed solutions to simplify deployments and provide effective and immediate protection for users. Umbrella deploys in minutes across your network to deliver the best protection against threats like malware, ransomware, and C2 callbacks.

What is SASE? 

Gartner coined the term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to describe combining comprehensive WAN capabilities with comprehensive network security functions to support the dynamic secure access needs of digital enterprises. Cisco’s approach to SASE combines leading security and SD-WAN functionality to help secure access wherever users and applications reside.

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Unified Security with Flexible Enforcement 

Umbrella unifies DNS-layer security, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker and application-aware firewall functionality to simplify management and improve security efficacy. With flexible policies, you can support use cases, ranging from basic DNS-layer protection to advanced web and application inspection to make sure your business is safe.

The Cisco Umbrella global cloud architecture delivers network resiliency and reliability to keep your performance fast, and your connections secure. Automatic failover ensures high availability to give your users the secure, seamless experience they expect.

By deploying Umbrella across your Meraki MX devices, you’ll get the simple and scalable security you need to make sure your SASE journey is a success.

3 Reasons Why Umbrella and Meraki MX Make Sense: 


  • Fast protection of users across your distributed network with simple, flexible deployment options
  • Higher security efficacy with less effort and less resources


  • Multiple layers of security from a single, cloud-native service
  • Flexible policy enforcement for any use case
  • Off-network protection using
  • Umbrella without a VPN
  • Continuous protection with automatic failover


  • Consistent high-performance security for multi-cloud demands
  • SSL decryption at scale not possible with on-premise hardware

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Why GAM Tech?

Using an IT Provider to manage your technology and security can be a great way to create scalable and affordable IT solutions to support your business. Learn more here about GAM Tech’s solutions and get a free risk assessment for your business today!

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Posted by Adrian Ghira on Oct 11, 2022 3:00:54 PM

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