Cisco Small Business Solutions That Are Game Changers

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Traditionally, Cisco has been synonymous with larger, corporate businesses. Think of massive server racks, filled with hardware like switches, routers, storage hardware.

Over the last few years, Cisco's attention has shifted to empowering small businesses with affordable, high-quality technology.

Why Cisco For Small Business?

Recently, Cisco acquired Meraki; a cloud-based managed technology platform. It helps small business owners gain control of their I.T. while making things simpler and affordable.

Additionally, the Meraki platform provides valuable analytics through hardware like security cameras, wireless networking (WiFi), switches, and firewalls.


Why should this matter to small businesses?

It makes business decisions easier than ever. You get actionable analytics that are easier to understand and applied to areas like marketing, operations, and finance/budgeting.

If you'd like to learn more about what Cisco has to offer, GAM Tech offers managed it services that include the items we share in this blog post

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Key benefits from the Cisco Meraki platform for small and medium businesses:

  • Access your networks from anywhere

With the Meraki app, quickly and easily view and manage configurations to alerts — all from your mobile device.

  • Diagnose and correct problems in your business

Use Meraki Health to view performance, identify problems, and quickly make adjustments.

  • Adapting

Go beyond data to analytics, insights, and prediction to help your business deliver better customer experiences and improve productivity.


Cisco Hardware for small and medium businesses:

Here are some examples of the hardware available with the Meraki platform:



Cisco has given you everything you need in the box to keep your business monitored for loss prevention, insurance purposes, or security compliance.


Key benefits of Cisco Meraki cameras for small and medium businesses:

  1.     Centrally Managed - Cloud-based monitoring and management of every camera from any connection, without extra software.

  2.     Everything’s in the box - No NVRs or extra analytics packages are needed, you get video storage and powerful hardware.

  3.     Super secure - Automatic, publicly signed SSL certificates and all Meraki management data is always encrypted by default.

  4.     Bandwidth-conscious - Video storage is on camera so that critical network activities keep the bandwidth they need.

  5.     Cloud archive options - Back up your footage to a cloud archive that can be applied to individual cameras in a group, if needed.



Example of the Meraki online interface for cameras, showing weekly heatmaps of building traffic.


Cisco Meraki WiFi Access Points

Instead of a standard router from Best Buy, these access points are designed to provide any small business with easy WiFi networking that delivers secure customer experiences and exceeds employee expectations. 

Key Benefits of Meraki WiFI Access Points For Small and Medium Businesses:

  • Guest WiFi

Easily and securely grant WiFi access to visitors on a landing page customized with your brand and content.

  • Online to Offline Marketing

Connect digital and physical marketing channels to deliver a consistent and customized experience to customers and clients, wherever they are.

  • Point Of Sale

PCI compliant POS connections that are secure and provide guest WiFi, visitor insights, and omnichannel marketing capabilities.

  • Proximity Marketing

Deliver localized, relevant offers to your customers at the right place, and time using your WiFi network.

  • Contactless Engagement

Keep everyone at a safe distance with touchless ordering & curbside pickup, using Guest Wi-Fi, SMS, email, QR codes, & push notifications.

  • Footfall Analytics

Get insights into how customers behave in a physical space, without customers downloading a mobile app.


Cisco Meraki Switches

Whether you're a small business owner or an IT Manager, Meraki switches can be configured entirely from a web browser. Pioneering features simplify troubleshooting, especially for remote locations.


Key Benefits of Meraki Switches For Small and Medium Businesses:

  • Virtual stacking

Configure thousands of ports simultaneously, regardless of the physical location of switches using the dashboard.

  • Multicast routing

Configure multicast routing on Meraki switches in minutes to eliminate traffic redundancy and improve network efficiency.

  • APIs

Use the Dashboard API to automatically provision thousands of new sites, make bulk changes, etc. using scripts and so much more.


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Your Trusted Local Cisco Partner – GAM Tech

GAM Tech is proud to provide Managed IT Services to small and medium sized businesses in Alberta, Yukon, and Ontario. We are a proud Cisco partner that will help you achieve your business objectives through technology.

We'll cover all aspects of your Cisco installation and ensure it's running smoothly. Additionally, we provide product support and consultation to help you achieve your business goals.

Book a consultation with us today and get help with your networking needs!


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