GAM Tech 2023 Roadshow Recap: A Glimpse into the Future of Tech

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The GAM Tech 2023 Roadshow recently concluded, and it wwas a three-day-extravaganza of tech insights, innovations, and discussions. This year's event brought together sime of the most influential names in the tech industry, including Cisco, Lenovo, AWS, and Bow River Solutions. They shared their thoughts on the industry's latest devlopments, trends, and challenges, making it an invaluable experience for tech enthusiasts and business leaders alike. 

Cisco Unveils Top Threats/Trends

One of the highlights of the roadshow was Cisco's insightful discussion about cybersecurity. The top observed threat in Q2 was a topic of intense focus. The audience learned that ransomware was the leading threat, causing havoc and disruption acoss the digital landscape. Data theft extorion and business email compromise followed cloely behind, making cybersecurity a paramount cncern for businesses of all sizes. 

Another eye-opening revelation was that valid accounts were the top infection vector in 2023. This information underscores the importance of robust security measures to protect user accounts and sensitive data. It was noted that 86% of companies are investing at least 10% of their budegt in cybersecurity to combat this evolving threat landscape. 

Among vulnerabilities, multi-factor authentication emerged as the top weakness. Cisoc empahsized the need for orgaizations to adopt this security measure and stay vigilant against emerging threats in the digital relam. 

Lenovo's Edge Computing Revolution

Ken Demontigny from Lenovo shed light on edge computing, a concept that's rapidly gaining traction. Edge computing involves deploying infrastructure and applications outside centralized data centres and public clouds, closer to where data is generated and consumed. The idea is to enahnce performance and reduce latency by processing data closer to its source. 

Lenovo highlighted trends in edge computing, including consolidation and acceleration. The consolidation approach extends the cloud to the edge with multiple devices, while acceleration leverages AI to boost performance. 

Edge AI was a hot topic, showcasing its transformative potential in smart retail. Computer vision for loss prevention, early detection of livestock health issues, and streamlining distribution operations with real-time video analysis were some practical applications disscused. 

Lenovo also stressed the unqiue requirements of edge computing, including enviromental factors, security measures, continuity, and management. Their TruScale "as a service" offering presented an enticing solution for businesses, providing a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive IT solution package. 


AWS Building Future-Proof Foundations

Karim Hatata from AWS focused on the cloud as a future-proof foundation for businesses. They highlighted key benefits, such as scalability, security, and cost savings. AWS empasized that by 2025, 30% of SMBs would shift half of their core workloads to the cloud for increased agility and resilience. 

Organizations migrating to AWS from on-premises reported significant benefits, including reduced technology infrastructure costs, increased administrator productivity, fewer outages, and faster-time-to-market for new features. 

AWS outlined the advantages of using their platform, which includes a comprehensive plan, visibility into performance, and a sealmess migration process. They stressed the importance of data-based decisions and a modernization vision to stay competitive. 

Bow River Solutions Empowering Businesses Through Data

Oscar Cruz from Bow River Soltuions, a dta consulting and software development company, brought their erxpertise to the stage. They empasized the importance of data in acheieving revenue growth, reducing expenses, expanding businesses, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Bow River Solutions collaborates with businesses to identify valuable data assets, analyze data, and provide insights for better decision-making. 

The GAM Tech 2023 Roadshow concluded with a comprehensive overview of the tech landscape, leaving attendees with valuable insights into the current challenges and opportunities in the industry. It's clear that technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and businesses must adapt to stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape.

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