15 Reasons Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services

15 Reasons Why SMBs Benefit from Managed IT Services.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for SMBs?

Cyberattacks are a serious and expensive threat for a corporate enterprise. For a small to midsize business owner, when faced with the costs of a large ransomware amount or a data security breach, it becomes an existential threat. 

"66% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months - they are easy targets in today’s cyberthreat environment."

Some key reasons SMBs are targeted by today's hackers are:

  • Lack of strong cyber protection solutions that include multi-factor authentication and advanced anti-malware protection that integrates with data backups
  • No IT security experts on staff to properly configure software and respond to dynamic situations.
  • Lack of training provided for employees on cybersecurity best practices, which often leads to the use of weak passwords and an increased likelihood of falling victim to phishing scams.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services (MSP) provide management and support of a company's technology infrastructure. This includes things like the company's computers, networks, and software.

Managed IT Services often include crucial services like cloud services, disaster recovery planning, remote monitoring and support services 24/7/365 with incredibly fast response times.

The goal of Managed IT Services is to provide a team of experts to take care of some or all of your technology needs with a proactive approach. This means they will be looking to fix problems before they ever become problems. The team of experts can be an add-on to your existing IT team or become your full-time team. 

Why MSPs Are Important to SMBs?

Managed service providers make it simple and affordable to give your organization a necessary level of baseline protection, with capabilities like:

  • Endpoint protection
Identify security vulnerabilities and risks through regular vulnerability assessments, take steps to minimize your exposure, and deploy solutions
  • Data Privacy Compliance
Most countries have their own rules and regulations around how that data is stored or accessed within their borders. Managed service providers can supply local cloud hosting and help you meet and maintain compliance with any applicable data storage/privacy regulations, avoiding legal risks. 
  • Disaster recovery

Help your business resume operations quickly and completely with a disaster recovery plan, running your backups as virtual machines in the cloud and keeping any service interruptions to a minimum. They’ll also help you to identify and remedy potential leakage of sensitive data.

It is more affordable. Really.

Managed service providers typically provide these solutions for your business at a fraction of the cost associated with employing and training an in-house IT team.


15 Reasons Why SMBs Benefit from Managed IT Services

1. Cost Savings

When a business doesn't have the resources to hire its own in-house team or pay hourly rates when something goes wrong, MSPs can be an extremely cost-effective solution.

Also, we did the research: Managed IT services often cost less than hiring a full-time in-house technician. 

MSPs can give you access to experts who can help you at a price that fits your budget - in many cases, this can steer you away from large capital expenditures.

You can also increase or decrease the number of experts you use as needed, without having to worry about additional costs.

2. Improved Efficiency

Technology can exhaust an enormous amount of time if you're not using the right tools and strategies.

When you outsource your IT needs, you can rely on experts to help keep your systems running smoothly. This will allow your employees to focus on their jobs and increasing efficiency and productivity.

3. No Employee Training Required

MSP providers are already an expert team in all things I.T.  - no expenses or time are required to train new employees. You also don't need to worry about employee vacation days or sick leave. 

4. Advanced Security

Critical cybersecurity solutions are implemented and managed such as multi-factor authentication, updating anti-virus subscriptions or expertly operating your VPN and firewall. 

With an MSP, your data is protected from cyber threats - they'll usually take care of everything from endpoint security to firewall installation and updates. With your data secure 24/7, you can focus on running the business instead of worrying about your data security.

5. Expert Knowledge of Latest Technology and Trends

As businesses grow, their needs for technology change and evolve.

With an MSP, you're gaining access to a team of experts who are always up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

This means that your business will be able to keep up with the competition without having to make any large investments in technology!

6. Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Tasks like help desk support, cloud host usage, or network security can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your business at any given time -- this can also lead to additional cost savings!

7. Reduced Downtime

With Managed IT Services, your systems will be monitored 24/7/365 by experts who can address any issues as soon as possible. This will minimize downtime and allow you to focus on running your business.

8. 100% Dedicated IT Support

If you have an in-house team, it can be difficult to find someone who is available 24/7 for emergencies.

By working with a Managed Service Provider, there will always be someone on duty at any time of day or night that can quickly resolve issues as they arise. This means less downtime and more productivity!

9. Improved Communication

An MSP can provide solutions that improve communication within your business. This will help with collaboration and make workflows more efficient.

10. Access to Latest Technology and Equipment

Many MSPs work with different vendors to get access to the latest technology. This means you can take advantage of the newest technologies without having to invest in them yourself.

11. Reduced Security Risk

You're making a major stride toward decreasing business risk by outsourcing your IT needs to and MSP.

When something goes wrong (and it will), having an outsider that is already acquainted with your systems can help you minimize the damage and get everything back up and running as quickly as possible!

12. Accessibility For Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, Managed IT Services can help ensure that all of your offices are connected and working as one cohesive unit. Multiple devices can be accessed securely from both remote and in-house locations. 

13. Increased Productivity

With Managed IT Services, your employees can focus on their jobs without worrying about technology issues. 

They'll be able to work more efficiently and effectively because they don't have any distractions from trying to troubleshoot problems with the system or network themselves!

14. Empowerment & Less Stress

Small companies are used to producing more with less.

Business owners can delegate IT administration tasks to an MSP in order to focus on their core operations while leaving the technology issues behind. More time to devote towards your business, plus protection from cyber attacks, will help reduce stress and empower you towards more growth and greater success.

15. Improved Customer Satisfaction

By outsourcing your IT needs, you're able to reduce the time that it takes to resolve issues for customers and rest easier knowing your business and customer data is safe from malware. This means higher levels of satisfaction for you, your employees and your customers!


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