4 Ways GAM Tech Keeps Your Remote Data Secure

Thanks to ever-changing advances in mobile technology and networking, telecommuting has become common practice among small to mid-sized businesses across Canada. While workplace flexibility has increased, remote work is also leaving businesses increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime.

But we can help.

Here are four ways Gam Tech keeps your remote data secure:

1. We’ll Help You Establish a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Policy 

As your managed IT services provider, our first step is to ensure your employees are trained and kept up to date regarding data security and procedures. We will work alongside your team to create a comprehensive cybersecurity policy outlining protocols surrounding email, device and network security, password management, processes for lost or stolen devices and much more. GAM Tech will also teach your employees how to spot and prevent potential threats before they have a chance to harm your business.

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Untitled design (13)2. We’ll Make Sure Every Connection is Secure

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks are hotbeds for cybercriminal activity as they leave your company’s data exposed and vulnerable. But, at the same time, you don’t want to reduce productivity by limiting employee device use to secure networks only. That’s where we come in.

Not only will we employ encryption software to keep employee data safe from prying eyes, but we will also provide round-the-clock monitoring to detect, quarantine and resolve harmful threats – keeping your information secure at all times without having to sacrifice productivity. In fact, 97% of your issues will be cleared up before you even knew there was a problem in the first place.

3. We Keep Important Software Up to Date

As part of our services, we will also verify that remote workers maintain up-to-date security software, including firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus applications. Whether it’s a cell phone, laptop or tablet, we will see these protections are installed and regularly updated while providing the necessary support your employees need to keep their data secure.

We will also custom-tailor our security solutions to support the growth of your business while streamlining your day-to-day functions so you can capitalize on productivity while keeping potential threats to a minimum.

4. We Use Cloud-Based Applications

There’s no place like the cloud – especially when it comes to handling business tasks and applications from remote locations. In addition to making data accessibility and management easier, cloud solutions increase business security while providing an essential element to a larger overall business continuity plan. This is because cloud-based data isn’t susceptible to physical threats (such as hardware failure) and is generally subject to more restrictive controls than traditional IT systems. In short, our managed IT service-based cloud solutions make your data virtually inaccessible.

From Disaster Recovery and Cloud Solutions to VCIO Services and Strategic Consulting, GAM Tech offers the full range of managed IT services your business needs to grow safely and securely. For more information, we invite you to Book a Free Consultation or reach out to us to learn more.

Posted by Adrian Ghira on Mar 31, 2020 7:58:49 PM

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