5 Reasons to Put Your Company Computers on a Replacement Schedule

Desktop or laptop, Mac or Windows, all computers fail eventually. 

As a business owner, you already know you’ll have to replace your machines at some point. So why not stay ahead of the game and save yourself time, stress and money with a technology replacement strategy?  

Here are 5 great reasons why you should:  

5 Reasons to Put Your Company Computers on a Replacement Schedule

1. It’s Cost -Effective

Many tech experts suggest that outright replacing PCs every 3-5 years is more cost-effective than repairing them. In fact, studies have shown the average company spends approximately $427 on PCs four years old or more. The cost of a basic new desktop PC, on the other hand, is only $300+ (and you’ll benefit from at least a one-year warranty). Even if you’re the owner a small start-up with only three or four computers, it makes more sense to replace your machines entirely than fork out for repairs.  

2. Your Employees Will Be More Productive

On average, businesses lose 42 hours in productivity per computer, over the time it takes to have it repaired. Furthermore, sluggish systems are inefficient, forcing employees to maintain a lower output level. For example, if a slow PC costs an employee 15 minutes of “wait time” every day, that’s 60 hours a year wasted as a result of outdated equipment! 

3. Your Systems Will Be More Efficient

Most organizations rely on a variety of applications for their day to day tasks. This means regularly installing the latest updates or software to keep things running smoothly. Older computers take longer to download and install updates, if they can update at all, and applications are likely to run slower (see lost employee productivity above).  

4. IT Can Focus on Other Things

Regardless of whether you’re outsourcing your IT or you have an in-house employee, new hardware will give them more time to focus on important areas like assisting clients, performing routine maintenance or improving current systems. This gives you the chance to take a proactive stance against cyber-attacks, system outages or other issues that could potentially threaten your business.  

5. You’ll Get Your Money Back

Replacing your old PCs also means you can look forward to a healthy ROI. Taking the above information into account, think how much your business could potentially save when it comes to reducing repair and downtime related expenses while boosting revenue, productivity and efficiency. You’ll also have more control over your bottom line with a replacement schedule as opposed to dealing with the costs associated with unexpected repairs or replacements 

Unexpected costs and problems that arise from ageing computers can have a serious impact on your operations and your bottom line. So why take the risk if you don’t have to? Large or small your business will benefit from the increased productivity, profitability and efficiency that comes from a well-executed computer replacement strategy.  

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Posted by GAM Tech Team on Apr 9, 2019 2:07:41 PM

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