Recent Data Breaches You Should Know About - October 2019

Cancer Society Hacked

The American Cancer Society is the most recent association whose site has been tainted in which hackers stole card and other data entered by clients. The American Cancer Society site sells T-shirts for raising money. Web-based business destinations get contaminated in various manners, including taking or speculating overseer passwords. Another is by misusing vulnerabilities in Magneto, an online business supplier to many sites the world over. Specialists state there are a few different ways site proprietors can ensure they aren't hacked. To begin with, ensure executives have solid passwords and need to utilize multifaceted validation to sign in. Second, consistently confirm that site code hasn't been changed. There are security programming arrangements that can be purchased that do this or basically do a standard checksum computation on pages that show if something has changed.

Bad Android App?

Android App Slips Through Google Security

Another security threatening Android application has been found in the Google Play Store. This one subs for the console that accompanies cell phones, the app called "ai.type", is said to help add emoticons to messages. In any case, what it truly does off-camera is profit for culprits through unapproved acquisition of premium advanced substance and making phony taps on promotions. Google was cautioned about this over the mid-year and expelled the application from the Play Store in July. Notwithstanding, a versatile security firm said for this present week that loads of individuals still have the console on their gadgets - obviously, they didn't get the memo. On the off chance that you have this application, erase it. All cell phone clients should check their telephone charges routinely for undesirable charges for getting to premium information administrations. That is one sign you've been tainted. What's more, recollect, be cautious when downloading new applications. Lastly - Just because it is in the Google Play store doesn't mean that it hasn't sidestepped their security checks.

Other Breaches:

Below are other notable, global cyber-security breaches for October:

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Name of the Organization

Type of Exploitation

Type of Company


Alphabroder Ransomware Promotional Product Supplier United States
Avast Credential Stuffing Attack Antivirus Software Provider Czech Republic
Billtrust Ransomware B2B Billing Service Provider United States
Canada Post Credential Stuffing Attack Primary Postal Operator in Canada Canada
Competitive Pest Services Insider Data Theft Pest Control Service New Zealand
CSL Insider Data Theft Biotherapy Provider Australia
GET Exposed Database Online Ticketing Platform Australia
Home Group Unauthorized Database Access Housing Association United Kingdom Unauthorized Database Access Adult Entertainment Website Netherlands
Kalispell Regional Healthcare Phishing Attack Family Healthcare Provider United States
M6 Group Ransomware Privately Owned Multimedia Group France
Magnolia Pediatrics Ransomware Full Service Pediatric Medical Provider United States
Methodist Hospitals Phishing Attack Community-Based Healthcare System Gary, Indiana
Norfolk and Norwhich University Hospital Accidental Data Exposure Healthcare Provider Norfolk, England
NZ First  Database Exposure Political Party in New Zealand New Zealand
Ocala City Spear Phishing Attack Local Municipality United States
PAL Airlines Unauthorized Database Access Economy Airlines Serving Multiple Locations Canada
PilZ Ransomware Producer of Automation Tools Germany
Pitney Bowes Inc.  Malware Attack Mail Management Company United States
Sonic Jobs Unauthorized Database Access Economy Airlines Serving Multiple Locations United Kingdom
Stripe Phishing Attack Online Payment Processing Company United States
TOMS Unauthorized Database Access Designer and Producer of Shoes, Eye-wear, Coffee, Apparel, and Handbags United States
TransUnion Unauthorized Database Access Consumer Credit Reporting Agency Canada
UAB Medicine Phishing Attack Academic Medical Center Birmingham, Alabama


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